Bad Guy Trying To Be A Good Guy — It Doesn’t Work

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On Oct. 27th, 1964 Albert DeSalvo once again tracked and abducted a young single woman off of the streets of Boston.  The rape was cut short, the victim was given an apology, the rapist left.  With all of the past year’s publicity, the distraught woman was probably as confused as much as feeling relieved.  In the previous posting, it was seen that some unusual patterns existed that pointed to confusion and inconsistency in his motivation.  Those patterns seemed to have come to fruition at this event.  The woman gave the police a detailed description of her attacker.  DeSalvo was arrested.

As confusing as the last charts were, the Moon-opposite-Sun Return and Advanced chart for this event are just as difficult.  Perhaps they are not good examples.  But, they are the charts that cover this event.


Let us do this step by step.  Moon-opposite-Sun in the 7th house Return is one of most difficult of the 24 Moon-Sun patterns to deal with.  This axis highlights differences, tends to minimize compromise.  1) One party dominates a relationship or can be offensive and moody.  2) Argumentative, changes of mind and indecision can rule the day.  3) The spin or view that one puts on a situation can be seen through by others.  One-sidedness is likely to result, an unbalanced solution is likely to result.  (This statement is one that was developed for the book that will be published in 2014)

What drove DeSalvo to break off the rape?  What did his apology mean to him?  Did he not realize that leaving his victim alive was a dangerous-for-him act?  Do these charts provide some clues?  t/Moon opposes (in addition to n/Sun) t/Venus & t/Uranus; sudden fluctuations in one’s desires, emotional uncertainty.  n/Mercury is also involved.  This planet played a role in the previous attack.  What memories or personal thoughts have come forward to interfere with his mode of operation?  t/Part of Fortune is on the 5th house (lust, love, personal acts of achievement) and squares t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun; the whole man-women, intent versus reactions pattern is up for questioning or doubt.  (I’m applying basic meanings to fit the situation).  t/Jupiter at the IC, contacting n/Moon; opportunity and social contact with women comes to an end.  Let us jump over to t/Sun; t/Sun conjoins n/Mars in the 9th and squares n/PoF.  DeSalvo’s current intent and self-interests (Sun) has to deal with how he tends to act or express his sense of maleness.  This t/Sun and n/Mars opposes n/Uranus, adding to the unpredictability of a confused mind.  Finally, t/Neptune conjoins n/Asc. near the Return Chart’s MC;  confusion (t/Neptune), action and attitude (n/Asc.) affect his sense of identity and goals (MC).  

We have seen the natal and transiting versions of Sun, Moon, Part of Fortune, Uranus all wrapped up in complex patterns.  We add t/Neptune’s confusion to that mix.  This is a tough chart for this man at this time.


The above chart is for the day of the aborted rape and the quick series of events that led to DeSalvo’s identification and arrest.  In the ten days since the Return chart (Oct. 17th, 1964) what has changed?  t/Moon squares t/Sun; this pattern (similar to a 10th house pattern) impels one to act according to one’s principles.  This seems a bit strange. t/PoF conjoins t/Sun; one tends to act to achieve his/her purposes.  I can’t fit the 9th house cusp into an interpretation that fits the situation.  t/Mars conjoins n/MC, opposes t/Saturn;  Actions are taken affecting one’s status — this relates to the arrest of DeSalvo.  The t/Mars opposite t/Saturn fits with the confinement, lack of freedom — issues that go along with an arrest.

At this point the reader might assume that this story is over.  No so.  A number of twists and turns were in DeSalvo’s future.  The following posts will cover those unusual events.  Dave.


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