An Internal Conflict Externalized With Extreme Prejudice

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A tragic story is reviewed and retold this week at Fort Hood, Killeen, Texas.  This photo of a smiling Nidal Malik Hasan reflected the doctor’s demeanor several years ago.  In 2008, that demeanor was obviously undergoing changes.  Others around him noticed changes, and these were looked into.  Hasan had started to share e-mails with a cleric overseas, an Anwar al Awaki — a Muslim Cleric said to be a radical.  In spite of suspicious activity, Hasan continued in his duties working with servicemen having religious and personal issues.

 Hasan was becoming self-radicalized.  Early in the fall of 2009 he purchased a high capacity automatic pistol and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.  He became proficient in the use of this gun.  On Nov. 5, 2009 he walked into a commissary and gathering place, he then killed 13 and wounded more than 30 soldiers before being subdued.  We are now at the point where his resulting Courts Martial is starting.  

In so many cases, those who make the news due to happy events or tragic events do not have recorded birth data available to astrologers.  This is partly due to the movement of people from other nations or parts of this nation and the loss of easily available information.  In this case, we do not have a birth time.  Accordingly I am using the Moon-to-Sun Return format as it is less sensitive to a applied “noon” birth time.  The MC of the charts will be accurate within 7 degrees due to the large difference of Moon vs Sun daily motion.


This above chart is a t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun 3rd to 9th chart.  A generic statement for this pattern is “1) Finding it hard to leave problems at home while dealing with problems in a distant place.  Having qualms about sharing information or the use of transportation vehicles.  2) Keeping tabs via phone on/with others, seeking advice for your own use. 3) Movement to a new area of life in order to fulfill prior dreams or to pay debts to another.”

Hasan had been questioning the plight of having to support those who were being sent to battle and kill those people he identified with through his religion.  He had talked to the cleric al Alwaki about this via e-mail, e-mails which had been reviewed by his superiors but judged to be spiritual in their nature.  What do we see in this chart?  n/Mercury at the Return’s MC; Thinking and talking about his goals and work — this is the most basic interpretation, and it fits.  t/Sun is in the 12 house of contemplation and approaching the n/Asc. —  he can be said to be quietly thinking about what he should do about the upcoming reassignment with the troops to an overseas battle zone. n/Moon is at the Asc., this is an emotional period for him relating to heritage and family values.  t/Moon is at the IC angle, the fundamentals of his situation are felt deeply.  t/Mars squares t/Mercury, both natal and transiting Mercury are activated, t/Mercury is in a state of confliction (square to t/Mars), affecting n/Mercury at the MC.  Given that his natal chart has Moon-square-Sun, he is a troubled person regarding his family background.  The opening phase  for Moon-squaring-Sun tells us of a struggle to find his own solution to the family issues he grew up with.  In this tragic period, Hasan did not find his own new solution but instead relied upon the historical non-answer of repeating violence to protest violence.


This is the Moon-opp-Sun Return advanced to Nov. 5th, 2009 from the Oct. 29th Return chart.  Here we immediately note t/Moon opposing n/Moon across the Asc.–Desc. axis.  An emotional war is being internalized, his feelings are taking control over his head.  t/Sun is approaching n/Asc., his “sense of self” has to act.  t/Saturn is at the MC, hard decisions are to be made, severity and conservatism are the keywords that would be used with a Moon-to-Moon opposition wherein emotions rule the day.

n/Pluto has been in contact with the MC; he has a need to control his world, his place in that world via a personal transformation.  t/Part of Fortune opposes t/N.Node; chance and change will happen despite the concerns of his associates (N.Node).  Note that t/PoF squares t/Venus — he doesn’t care about love and harmony in his life at this moment.

Even without a birthtime, just a birth date and a location, we can pull out a lot of information about Nidal Hasan’s actions and motivations.

I had planned on reviewing some events in Joss Stone’s singing career and her musical successes on both sides of the pond (in the UK and the US).  She is a much more pleasant person to work with.  However, the trial of Hasan at this time will be of higher interest to a variety of readers.  Dave

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