Joss photo 1 Joss Stone is a singer whose albums and singles have attracted a great many fans in her native England as well as here, in the United States, and elsewhere.  Looking at her charts will provide a nice break between prior subjects and the next series of postings (Jodi Arias).  Of the many events in her life, her contributions to social needs through participation in various mega-concerts such as the London Band Aid event to help the Darfur region of the Sudan in 2004 are notable.  More recently she was targeted by two men who wanted to abduct and hold her for ransom (due to her friendship with some members of the Royal family) and then to cut off her head with a sword they had purchased.  We will deal with that later, perhaps.  At this point I wish to explore her Moon-to-Sun charts for the London Band Aid concert, Nov. 14, 2004.  A given birth time is not available so I will use “noon”–this gives us a chart whose MC is always within 7 degrees of being correct relative to the actual birth time.  This is due to the ration of the daily Moon’s motion to the Sun’s motion.  These charts are all based on her birth place, Devon, England.


This chart for Nov. 10, 2004 is a n/Moon-opposite-t/Sun Return, 8th-to-2nd house.  This fits with the event, Moon-in-the-8th suggests supportive feeling for those whose resources are unsettled.  n/Sun in the 2nd suggests the concert as a fund-raising event.

t/Mercury at the MC points to her career and voice (choosing the keywords that fit the context of her life).  n/Mars at the IC, opposing t/Mercury at the MC, points to the outpouring of energy and creative effort, expending her resources, etc.  t/PoF conjoins n/Neptune; “chance and change” interacts with her social vision in her 12th house of services for others.   t/Saturn conjoins n/Asc. in the 6th; again, a plan to make an effort (6th house, Ascendant).  We can now jump to an Advanced chart for the date of the concert.


In the Advanced chart, t/Sun is in the 9th (appropriate to the nature of benefit for a foreign region in need).  t/Neptune is exactly on the chart’s Asc., The concert as entertainment and the social movement it represents is being acted upon.  t/PoF conjoins n/Jupiter in the 1st; An exciting opportunity to enlarge one’s image and benefit others.  Compare this to t/Moon conjoining n/PoF; Joss gets carried away with the emotional power of the moment.

This charting for a highly popular event, lacks the harshness of some of the chart-series we have been reviewing previously.  But, it is helpful to show that life’s more pleasant moments can also be reflected in one’s charts.  We can use this type of charting as a form of a future-peeking diary, looking at opportunities to express ourselves in the most positive manner relative to what the chart patterns indicate.

I’m reviewing the charts relating to the failed efforts of two men to abduct, ransom and kill Joss Stone a couple of years ago.  Since this didn’t happen, the plot being discovered by the police before it could be done, Joss didn’t experience the danger.  I’ll look at the charts and charts for the date she did discuss the trial of these two men.  If there is any important factors to help us understand astrology I will post the charts next.  Otherwise I will transition over to the trial of Jodi Arias who murdered her boyfriend.  Dave.


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