Nidal Hasan; One Step Closer To The End

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On August 28th, 2013, Nidal Malik Hasan received a death sentence for the killing and wounding of soldiers based at Fort Hood, Texas.  There had been thoughts that he would have been given a sentence of life imprisonment in solitary confinement to negate his claims of being a martyr for his cause.  Not so.  Guilty.  Death.  

The Advanced chart, based on his previous Moon-Sun Return chart of a previous post is shown below.  Its message is very simple.




The most exact angular contacts are n/Mercury at the IC angle and t/Pluto at the Desc. angle.  His established thoughts and opinions (n/Mercury) now need to be given a personal review (4th angle) as “fate” and irreversible change (t/Pluto) are imposed by others (Desc. angle).

Jumping to t/Mercury, we find it squaring t/Moon; thoughts and feeling conflict, upsetting one’s sense of life purpose.  n/Pluto at the IC; Total upheaval brings a total change in one’s life situation.

We have to note n/MC opposed n/PoF; a “fated” natal pattern implying  putting one’s status in life on the line through the taking of chances and acting impetuously.

We can also not t/PoF conjoining t/Uranus in the 10th; chance and change mix with sudden happenings to affect his status and career.


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