It Was Bad: Let’s Pretend It Wasn’t

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Wednesday, August 27, 2013, was the first full day in court for Francesco Schettino, former Captain of the cruise ship Costa Concordia.   That ship sank after being run aground on the Isle of Giglio, off the Tuscany coast of Italy on the night of Jan. 13, 2012.  Many of the passengers were killed, some trying to swim the short distance to the coast.  Schettino’s legal team started the trial by attempting to gain a plea deal to greatly diminish the number and nature of the charges against him.  That is not likely to happen, given the level of publicity that the playboy Captain has received.

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The good Captain is, indeed, back in the news due to the trial concerning his mis-deeds of Jan. 13, 2012 when he was more concerned over his girl friend that he was on the state of his ship as it listed over into the sea.  The audacity of the man, through his lawyers, matches his devil-may-care attitude of his career as ship’s captain.  The following chart is his t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return for August 27th.  I am presenting this chart as it appears on my computer screen with all of the attending data.


t/Moon opposes n/Sun from the 7th to the 1st house; “1) One seeks to understand and respond to others, to negotiate, persuade others of the value of their own views.  2) One can be too involved with others or overwhelmed by the situation of another.  You might commit resources or offer a public endorsement.  3) Relationship often start or end with this Return, or family patterns shift due to death or birth.  One seeks to survive or prevail in some way relative to what others want or do.”  This is the standard generic statement for the Return pattern.  This oppositional pattern squares n/Uranus, this natal square with Sun suggesting the Captain struggles to maintain his maverick image.

Mercury, as befits a “trial” situation, is prominent in this chart.  t/Sun, t/Mercury lines us with n/Pluto; Schettino acts to support his self-interests (Mercury/Sun) by taking control of the trial and publicity (n/Pluto).  t/Saturn conjoins n/Mercury at the Asc. angle, a strategy is devised by the Captain himself (my opinion).  How should we deal with n/Neptune conjoining n/Mercury?  Is this strategy of a plea deal to be considered a “pipe dream?”  Should we link n/Neptune to the sea tragedy that prompted the trial?  Does the Captain live in a world of his own?  In any case, the two Mercury positions do tell us that he has concocted a plan to use publicity and the Italian legal system to shape the range of trial possibilities to his benefit.  The opposition of t/Sun, t/Mercury, n/Pluto to t/Neptune brings us back to the veiled planet.  Schettino is trying to obscure the nature of the trial.  

Note t/Part of Fortune conjoining n/Mars, opposing n/Saturn & n/MC; He is taking a chance on challenging the responsibilities of his career by contesting the rules of the sea, his interpretation of the events of that fateful night.

We will now examine the Advanced chart for the first full day of the trial, which occurred on the following day.  Note that the “time” of the Aug. 28th chart is the same as the “time” of the Aug. 27th Return chart.  Only the date is advanced.  This advances the MC a degree for each day (more or less) while presenting the transits for the Advanced chart’s date.  The presentation of these charts with the associated data is intended to show that this process of working with Moon-to-Sun Returns is quite simple.


With only one day passing since the Return date, the cluster of t/Saturn, t/N.Node, n/Mercury, n/Neptune opposite n/Asc. is still in place early in the first house.  Also in place is the t/Mercury, t/Sun, n/Pluto, n/N.Node opposite t/Neptune.   What has changed is t/Moon square t/Sun and t/Mars conjoining t/PoF.  The t/Sun and t/Moon square points to a challenge, the t/PoF shows how this challenge will be played out. t/Mars near the MC says that he will attack the facts to protect his public image.  t/Mars square the n/Asc. shows his manner of acting; challenge and flout himself  versus others.

We will need to follow the news over the coming days to see how successful the Captain is in swinging the trials focus to suit his needs.  Dave.


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