Carefree; Careless; Catastropic — Not Good Words For A Seaman

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On the evening of January 13, 2012, Captain Francesco Schettino had decided to take his ship close to the island of Giglio.  “Close” was some few hundred feet from the rocky shore.  The Costa Concordia ran aground, its hull torn open, flooding followed, the ship capsized.

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Captain Schettino had been entertaining a girlfriend Photo ship off islandand was not taking an active and consistent role in guiding the ship past the island.  While the ship was capsizing, while his passengers and crew were still aboard, the Captain left the ship.  Carefree time with his girlfriend Careless attention to the ship’s passage near the island, Catastrophic results as the ship collided with rocks.

The Captain had a t/Moon opposite n/Sun Return on Jan. 4, 2012.  t/Moon was in the 9th, n/Sun in the 3rd.  The theme statement for this pattern reads, “Establishing or exhibiting one’s home or personality to meet the day’s situation.  Fundamental issues or the family are reinforced or subject to significant change.”  As it turned out, this generic statement was reasonably appropriate.  The Captain was in a party mood, escorting his girlfriend about the ship and the dance floor, feeling in a party mood.  His fundamental responsibilities were carelessly set aside and his whole career was suddenly changed.  His decision to abandon his ship while crew and passengers were aboard is hard to understand.

These Return charts and Advanced chart for the ship’s grounding are unusual in their content and are highly instructive.


Again, I have shown the chart data so that readers may follow the process for setting up and using these charts.  The primary angular factors are the natal and transiting North Nodes!  t/N.Node at the IC; The t/N.Node is associated with talking, sharing, social activities.  In the 4th house, changes in how one relates to others is indicated.  The n/N.Node conjunct the Return Ascendant is associated with what is hidden and then discovered as it relates to how one structures their life style.  The Captain was a playboy and social butterfly.  All Captains have to play this role as part of their duties, but they are anything but playboys and socialites.  t/Sun conjoins n/Saturn; he had significant areas of responsibility and discipline to apply.  Close by is t/Part of Fortune conjoining n/MC; playing fast and loose with his career needs.  There are other factors that could be considered, but these are the main items to consider in understanding what these next two weeks would bring to the Captain


Advancing the t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return to Jan. 13, 2012, when the ship was run ashore, we note that the Advanced charts date is changed but that the “time” of the chart is the same.  Advancing a Moot-to-Sun Return to a following day is just that simple.  t/Moon and t/Mars conjoin at the Ascendant;  A high emotional state is indicated.  With n/Moon close by in the first, all moon symbolism can be included —- women, emotions, changeability, the sea and the tides, uncertainty.  If we shift our attention to the natal version of Mars we find n/Mars opposing n/MC and t/Sun; actions are taken contrary to his self-interests.

t/PoF opposes n/Sun in the 3rd.  The Captain see’s his self-interests in a social and communicative setting, a setting that is subject to the “chance and change” of when one takes advantage of a social opportunity (his girlfriend).  This pattern picks up on the n/PoF opposing n/N.Node; dealings with others is always a “chancy” situation for him—was the Captain naturally a poor judge of character or did he have poor judgement as part of his character?  If we note n/Mercury conjoining n/Neptune we may have our answer to that question.  How does n/Mars opposite n/Saturn and n/MC fit into this?  A hot versus cold situation, wanting to go ahead while wanting to be cautious.  How does this contribute to shaping the Captain’s character?  His n/Moon is in a last-square phase relationship to the Sun; He needs to be a role model, to contribute to society, to set accomplishments before others–this fits with n/Saturn conjunct the n/MC angle, a feeling of responsibility while having a poorly organized mind (Mercury/Neptune) in terms of how to relate to others (Mercury/Neptune opposite Ascendant).  We have here suggestions that the Captain was a cardboard cut-out, a façade of responsibility.  All opinion, of course.  These symbols can be interpreted in many ways.  These charts are more applicable to events and the mapping of everyday affairs.  Playing astro-psychologist may not fit well into this charting method.

In any case, this is my thinking for today.  Dave.


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