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Sept. 13, 2013.  Barry Bonds today lost his appeal on his 2011 conviction of Obstructing Justice in the long-running investigation of steroid use in baseball.  This “case” of steroid use began in 2003 and has continued since then.  Bonds has been accused of steroid use many times, has always denied knowingly taking them, and was charged in 2011 on four counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice.   This posting will review the Progressed Daily Angles charts for the conviction date and the loss of appeals date.

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Barry PDA 4-13-2011- J

The vertical axis of this chart is highly active; n/Mars and n/Venus at the MC, n/Asc. at the IC along with t/N.Node.  t/Venus is at the Desc. angle.  The doubled-up angular Venus/Venus would normally gain my attention over other factors, but n/Asc. conjoining t/N.Node and opposing n/Mars at the MC is the real focus of the chart.  Let us break this down.  The natal Mars opposite natal Asc. points to one who tries hard to win others over, one who may project himself too forcefully onto others, or one who fights with others in some manner.  Now note n/MC trine to n/Mars and n/Venus; he has professional poise and uses his personality to promote his career.   This fits with his n/Sun opposite n/Moon; one who plays the game of life and relationships with others, a person who seeks reaction from the public.  

There are some supportive patterns we can note.  On this date, t/Moon opposes n/Moon, how would others react to his demeanor on this date?  Perhaps a split in the nature of reactions to his claims.  t/Sun opposes n/MC; This often is a “start/finish” situation and suggests the long trial-in-public is now over.  The two angular Venus’ placements may now be seen as a conflict in the support given and denied his claim of innocence.

Barry PDA 9-13-2013-J

In the above Progressed Daily Angles chart for Sept. 13, 2013, we find t/Moon and t/Pluto at the IC angle;  For Barry this appears to be an intense emotional time. This view is backed up by the closeness of the n/Asc. near this IC.  Perhaps a whole new outlook is going to adopted given his long battle with the steroid issue.  Note t/Mercury hovering at the Ascendant and squaring t/Moon and t/Pluto.  The news and his understanding of the court’s decision is, indeed, emotionally devastating.  I’m not sure how he will publicly show this.  We can look at n/Mercury squaring n/Jupiter — a debating and vocal defender pattern.  Perhaps we can anticipate a vocal response of some nature.

By the time the next post is due, in three or four days, Barry Bonds will probably show us how he will react.  Dave

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