A Most Despicable Set of Actions

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This man, Ariel Castro, was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and later moved to Cleveland, OH.  Living by himself with no apparent prospects of gaining a girlfriend, he decided to obtain a girlfriend by a very simple means — he would abduct one and keep her as a love-slave for his continuing pleasure and satisfaction.  A most despicable concept.  On August 22, 2002 he did actually abduct a young lady, a Michelle Knight.  For almost eleven full years she was kept imprisoned in his home.  In the following years after her abduction, two more young ladies were added to his collection.   In the current year, 2013, the girls escaped and Castro was arrested.  The events following his arrest developed quickly and will be commented upon in several following posts.  Because birth records (time) are not available so Moon-to-Sun Return charts will be used.  The use of a noon birth time produce a MC position that is accurate within 7 degrees due to the relative motion of the Moon compared to the Sun’s slower motion.  I will use Castro’s birth date of July 10, 1960 and a noon birth for the charts in this series.  I will also show the chart data so that readers can see how a Moon-to-Sun Return is advanced to the event date.


Note that the natal planets are shown within the outer wheel, the transit are placed within the inner wheel!  This is a t/Moon in the 3rd house opposite n/Sun in the 9th and has a “theme” of  Finding it hard to deal with problems at home, . . . having qualms about the use of vehicles.  Making changes concerning a home . . . seeking something from another.  Let us see how this theme played out in the days to come.  

In this Return chart, t/Neptune is at the IC, n/Neptune is at the Asc.; this is a very powerful “doubled-up” planet-pattern.  The in-preparation book interpretation notes likely deceptions, self-deceptions, inspirations.  t/Sun conjoins t/Mars in the 10th; Castro’s self-interests, inclination to act, sexual urges are foremost in his mind. This pair broadly conjoins n/Uranus and opposes t/Uranus — another doubled-up planet; The t/Sun’s sense of self-purpose is triggering his sense of individuality, while the Uranus/Uranus opposition will make a move to meet his exaggerated sense of selfishness.

The t/Part of Fortune opposes n/Ascendant; there is an opportunity to find a partner although this opportunity is “chancy” (risk related).  We might look at the natal-versus-transiting or transiting-versus-natal planets of those noted above and draw some additional insights, but, the doubled up Neptune and doubled up Uranus patterns point to deception, dreams, individualistic actions to fulfil those dreams will be the sense of what will happen in the next two weeks.  Let us now look at an Advanced chart for August 22, 2002 when Castro abducted Michelle Knight.


The chart above is an Advanced chart for Aug. 22nd,  The Ascendant now conjoins n/Neptune and squares t/Neptune; Fantasy time has arrived.  t/PoF has moved to the Descendant, opposing and triggering the Ascendant; a time of chance and change is here for Castro.  t/Moon has moved on to conjoin t/Uranus and oppose (broadly) n/Uranus; the emotional state of Castro is heightened, he has looked forward to this opportunity for some time.  t/Mercury is approaching the n/Asc.; Plans are to be acted upon.

Castro had noticed Michelle Knight’s walking patterns and chose this date to pull up in his car and grab her.  At his home, Michelle was imprisoned, to be used for the satisfaction of Ariel Castro’s gratification.  For the next almost eleven years she would not see her family and have a day of peace.

In the following series of postings we will follow this tragic story.  The second and third abductions will not be covered.  Instead I will move forward to the escape/rescue of the three young girls and the quickly paced series of surprising events that followed.  Dave.


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