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It did not take long for the Wheels of Justice to start rolling relative to Ariel Castro’s horrific crimes against three young ladies of Cleveland.  The first chart is a t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return chart from the 12th to the 6th houses.  This chart is for May 28, 2013 and covers the period when he was indicted for 329 counts covering his decade of abducting and holding three young girls hostage for his sexual pleasure.  How this count of 329 was arrived at I do not know.  


This “Moon-0pp-Sun” pattern is close to the Asc.-Desc. axis — is this a 12-to-6 house Return or a 1-to-7 house return?  Normal practice is to note that the chart’s angles will move away from the natal Sun position, therefore this would be considered a 12th to 6th house Return chart.  Yet, the closeness to the horizontal axis suggests this is a 1st to 7th house Return chart.  In either case, conventional all-purpose theme statements do not adequately address this terrible situation.  Let us read this just as it stands within the context of his actions.  “The secret, passionate feelings (t/Moon) related (the opposition) to his self-served interests (n/Sun) relates to the public’s (t/Moon) perception (opposition) of how he dealt with others (n/Sun, 7th).

More to the point, n/Venus at the Desc. squares n/PoF and indicates his proclivity to take a chance on dealing with his passions and desires.  Play hopscotch and jump over to t/PoF squaring t/Sun in the 5th; At this time his proclivity to taking chances has to be considered relative to his current self-interests.  He has been caught.  He is about to be socially trashed for his decisions and actions and distorted “maleness” (Sun).   Is that statement too strong?  No.  Note t/PoF also opposes t/Neptune;  recklessness is totally turned upside down, his dreams and fantasy is being wrecked.  This is simple to read.  Let us look now at the actual date of the indictment.


There are several interesting factors on this date of Ariel Castro’s indictment process which is basically an outline of what his near term life will have to deal with.  t/PoF conjoins n/Saturn in the 12th; life changes as he becomes subject to specific limitations (Saturn). Note also, that t/PoF squares n/PoF; this is always a “chaos” versus “chance & change” situation — in other words, how bad or good can it get.  In this case, very bad.

t/Saturn conjoins n/Neptune; those “limitations” place his fantasies in a box-of-the-past.  t/Moon conjoins the IC angle; his “domestic life” has taken on a new course.

These charts, when read within the context of Ariel Castro’s situation, are very easy to read — almost like reading a book.  These charts, for those that have an interest in learning how to cast and read Moon-to-Sun Returns, are what would serve as being an introductory example.  In fact, I may use these charts in the prefix of my book.

The next posts will continue to follow the fast-paced developments in Ariel Castro’s life through the summer of 2013.  Dave.


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