Barbara Walters Sets a TV Record for Viewers

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By the late 1990’s Barbara Walters was becoming known for her ability to gain interviews with the world’s notable public figures and then conducting penetrating questions that drew out interesting points about their personalities and actions.  For several years Barbara had been trying to set up an interview with Monica Lewinsky, the young lady that had audaciously gained the attention of President Bill Clinton.  The prolonged political battle and legal proceedings had ensnared both the President and Monica in a long and tiring inquisition through courts.  It wasn’t until Ken Star had completed his investigation and the Senate impeachment process had ended with no result that Monica was free to tell her story.  

Negotiations started, questions were developed, arrangements made, and schedules were explored before the actual interview was conducted in February of 1999.  Almost five hours of questions, answers and comments were reworked to fit into a two-hour TV segment.  The staff of ABC was deeply worried that Monica Lewinsky had become a story the public was tired of.  The precession-corrected Solar Return of Barbara Walters for 1998 is shown below.

Barbara SR 1998-J

This chart is created using RIYAL software and is set for New York City, New York.  The most notable feature is natal MC at the SR Ascendant; (taken from my book, Personal Prediction) “This year presents concerns about your image and how much respect you feel you are receiving relative to your views and goals.  This will remain a concern unless there are angular planets in the chart . . .”  Natal Neptune is at the S/R IC angle, Barbara’s ideal dramatic situation (a gang buster interview) is likely if she can pull it off.  She had a big reputation to uphold and dramatic interviews were her “stock-in-trade.”

Barbara’s natal Sun-Ascendant combination assured her of being able to achieve visibility in her life — this pattern square the natal MC assured that her career would be involved.  Transiting Sun/Mercury at the natal Sun/Ascendant shows that talking (for her this meant interviewing) would be involved.  Note that the S/R Ascendant is important, so we can play astrological hopscotch over to the natal Ascendant and read into our reading the importance of the Sun, Mercury and Ascendant.  The Pisces MC and n/Neptune at the IC angle suggests that we should also look at transiting Neptune.  We find t/Neptune in the 8th squaring t/Saturn in the 11th.  Neptune in the 8th points to dramatizing the dreams of others, eliciting their visions for themselves.  Saturn requires that a structure be established to present a fair portrait of Monica’s place in society and in the future.

This is the simple message of the Solar Return.  Now, let us look at the interview date.  Would the public find the Lewinsky interview something that they wanted to watch, or were they tired of several years of news about this girl who almost ruined a sitting President.  The chart below is the Progressed Daily Angles chart for March 3, 1999.

Barbara PDA 3-03-1999-J

This chart is surprisingly strong and reflective of Barbara Walters reputation and skill in conducting interviews and drawing an appreciative audience.  Note natal Ascendant and Sun at the daily chart’s MC.  Barbara’s full personality and skills are brought to bear in achieving success.  Transiting Mercury and Jupiter are at the IC angle; lots of talking and subject expansion is evident.  Since natal Asc./Sun is so prominent in this chart we can astrologically hopscotch over to the daily Ascendant conjoining t/Pluto.  Intensity and control is an integral part of this interview.  The public will be captivated by the Lewinsky story.  n/Jupiter, n/Moon, and n/MC are in the 7th house; All of her charm, expansive nature and professional demeanour is evident in the manner in which she presents questions to Monica Lewinsky.  Note t/Moon square n/Moon: one woman pitted against another woman.

Barbara pulled off a great interview, capturing over 70 million viewers.  ABC was delighted with their decision to go with a two-hour interview period.  Monica Lewinsky was happy to have had an opportunity to present her side of the story, to position herself as a viable person to be employed, a friend who deserved support, a family member who had gone astray and survived her public ordeal.  Everyone came away a winner.

This Progressed Daily Angles chart is a snap shot of one day, possibly three days if you allow some leeway in angle and planet movement.  Unlike the reading of a natal chart and transit chart within a conventional format, these charts present the natal chart in a new orientation to the daily chart.  When we see the natal Ascendant at the MC we immediately know that Barbara’s personality and drive will be up to her professional standards — she will shine.   These S/R and PDA charts are very focused, more so than the Moon-to-Sun Returns.  They don’t always tell a full story, but they do tell the essential story.  You have to love them.   Dave.


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