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It is snowing

WordPress has activated the snow effect for graphics.   A nice touch for the season. Advertisements

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“Everyday Planets” is the title of a new essay which provides outline interpretation words and phrases for use with cyclic charts that are posted here on the Ninth House site.  They may be found to be useful for Solar Returns … Continue reading

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What Is Yours Is All Mine: Bernie Madoff’s Greedy Grabber Status Ends

Sometimes the scale of a human endeavour leaves us speechless and unbelieving.  Bernard Madoff was one of those people who engaged in fraud and deceit with his friends and business associates.  The scale of his misdeeds was such that he … Continue reading

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In 2010, Barbara Walters had surgery to replace a heart valve.  She was 80 years old, transiting Uranus was approaching its natal position, almost completing its full orbit requiring 84 years.  Few of us live to experience a Uranus Return. … Continue reading

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Jumping From NBC To ABC, From 4 am To 4 pm

The 1975 Solar Return for Barbara Walters marked the last year of her association with NBC and the Today show.  Barbara was being overworked, prevented from taking on a more visible role by the good-old-boy’s network,  There were glass ceilings in … Continue reading

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A Solar Return Here, A Daily Chart There

In 1977, after many years of requests, Barbara Walters finally was granted an interview with Fidel Castro, the leader of communist Cuba.  Relations with that country were frosty, almost non-existent.  Barbara and a camera crew were to fly to Havana … Continue reading

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