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In 1977, after many years of requests, Barbara Walters finally was granted an interview with Fidel Castro, the leader of communist Cuba.  Relations with that country were frosty, almost non-existent.  Barbara and a camera crew were to fly to Havana where they would conduct the interview. 

In this post, we will utilize a precession-corrected Solar Return for 1976 set in New York City, New York.  The Progressed Daily Angles chart for the interview on May 19, 1977 will be located for Havana, Cuba.  Barbara Walters did experience her S/R in New York City, but a daily chart for New York city would not reflect the appropriate symbols and angles for the Havana, Cuba interview site.

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Walters was informed that a car would be sent to pick them up in the morning of May 19, 1977.  When the “car” showed up it turned out to be a Jeep driven by Castro himself.  They chatted about many things, then Castro asked where Barbara would like to go in his country.  “The Bay of Pigs” she replied.  That afternoon Walters and her crew were racing in a speedboat driven by Castro over the waters of the Bay of Pigs where the earlier CIA invasion of Cuba had failed.  That evening the actual interview occurred.  First, the 1976 p.c. Solar Return will be examined.

Barbara 1976 SR NY-J

This interview with Castro was one of the major milestones in Walters career as a journalist and interviewer.  When we examine this Solar Return we do not find a great deal of symbolism at the angles.  In fact, only n/Neptune and n/Venus are most angular. Being natal planets in a cyclic chart, we see these two as representing established patterns of her character and life — Neptune is the fairytale planet, Venus is our desires and wants. We can glibly say that this represents what Walters has long wanted, an interview with Castro.  But, Walters must have wanted other things in her life as well.  Earlier that year she had been recruited from NBC by ABC for a salary of $1,000,000 per year for five years.  That money, and more importantly, the evening news co-anchor spot with Harry Reasoner was a dream come true.  This Neptune/Venus symbolism could just a s well represent that on-going dream-come-true — except that there was no dream.  NBC kept Barbara on the payroll for the remaining months of her contract but did not let her engage in any on-air work.  She was isolated, workwise and going half-crazy because of it.  Once she started her work at ABC, the dream did come true.  So, the chart symbolism was appropriate from September, 1976 onward.

Now we shift gears.  ABC was happy to have Barbara Walters on their staff and they must have been ecstatic when word came through that Castro wanted to be interviewed.  It took a great deal of time, months, to complete the arrangements.  The next chart is the Prog’d Daily Angles chart for May 19, 1977 when Barbara met Castro in Havana Cuba for her interview.  The chart is set for Havana, Cuba.

Barbara PDA 5-19-1977-Cuba-J

t/Mercury at the MC, conjoining n/N.Node and opposing t/Uranus; Mercury obviously represents the meeting, the talking, the interview itself.  MC represents the career focus of this event.  North Node represents the association with another person, Castro.  The opposition to Uranus denotes the excitement and personal thrill of the event.  We need to also note t/Saturn at the Ascendant angle; She had to act with great discipline, follow a planned strategy, to be professional in her physical presence and actions.

This angularity tells the essential story of the day.  Yet, there is more to the story.  Note the n/Venus, n/Neptune pattern that was at the Solar Return’s MC angle.  This pattern is now squared by the t/Sun — her self-interests and direction is challenged to pull off this extraordinary event for her new employer.  t/Moon conjoins n/Jupiter; does this symbolize a woman seizing an opportunity?  t/Venus conjoins t/Mars; this is a classic poise pattern wherein one is completely at ease within one’s natural environment.

There is more to this story.  I’ll tell you about it but, each reader will need to run the daily charts for themselves.  I’m not going to do it for you.  Advance this PDA chart by two days.  Why?  Because Barbara’s interview last all evening until 1:29 AM the next day.  Barbara has a framed note from Castro noting that this was the toughest interview he had ever undertaken.  The following day they journeyed to Santiago, Cuba’s second largest city, one of classic Spanish architecture, wide avenues with central parks and fountains, some streets broken by stairways that lead to a higher or lower level.  Of course much of that is now in a state of disrepair but the charm is still there.  They drove into the mountains where Castro waged his revolution.  Barbara had to hold a can of candy (for passing out to the children along the way) and Castro’s pistol so they would not get wet as the passed through numerous streams and creeks.  In those three days the Ascendant would progress to t/Saturn, the t/Moon would move forward to (well, you figure it out.)   Dave


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