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In 2010, Barbara Walters had surgery to replace a heart valve.  She was 80 years old, transiting Uranus was approaching its natal position, almost completing its full orbit requiring 84 years.  Few of us live to experience a Uranus Return.  Although she had felt herself to be in good health, the years of long hours of work, the hustle of city life within TV land’s constant deadlines had apparently some effect upon her.  Or, it was just old age slowly creeping up.   Her heart problem had been found several months before the operation and considerable care had been taken in selecting a surgeon.  She kept her plans to herself until the Monday before the operation when she announced her upcoming operation on her TV show, The View, a morning talk show.  Since this is a medical situation and I am not medically trained (nor am I medically inclined as an Astrological focus), I can only offer what I see in these charts.

Barbara SR 2009-J











The above chart is the precession-corrected 2009 Solar Return for Barbara Walters.  This chart is highly significant due to all four chart angles being populated.  n/MC precisely at the IC angle:  Personal Prediction, Chapter 7, page 75) indicates the adoption of a new set of core values, making deep plans for change.  This time may usher in seemingly fated or unexpected changes affect home and life.  Sun/Sun is at the Desc. angle along with n/Asc.:  One’s vitality, life direction and decision-making will need to be assisted by another — this could indicate the surgeon who was to successfully operate on her heart.  t/Pluto & t/Moon are close upon the MC angle:  Barbara is at a cross-road in her life, Pluto signifies death, re-birth, a fundamental life change, irrevocable change.  Moon signifies deep emotions, awareness of one’s past, and seeking relief and security.  These two, together, point to a struggle to survive.  This will be an intense year for Barbara.  Let us now look at her chart for the date of her heart surgery.

Barbara PDA 5-14-2010-J













Progressed Daily Angles charts are “Event” charts.  The angular planets indicate the prevailing energies, attitudes, actions, decisions of the day.  The Solar Return 9f Sept. 25, 2009 had an MC of 2 Capricorn.  In the 231 days since that Solar Return the MC had moved 290 degrees — or some 1.254 degrees per day.  The average of 1.25 degrees/day varies due to several small factors.  

In this chart note that the n/MC is now at the daily chart’s Desc. angle:  Barbara’s life, career and purpose is now in the hands of another person.  t/Venus conjoins n/Moon close behind this angle; she is quite calm about the day’s event.  n/Mars and n/Mercury are at the daily chart’s MC:  Her strength and presence of mind are very strong.  The most notable pattern, which is not at an angle, is t/Sun conjoining t/Moon at 23/24 Taurus, a Venus ruled sign, squaring t/Mars in a Sun-ruled sign.  Looking at Sun/Moon, n/Moon and n/MC, t/MC and Mars/Mercury, t/Mars, we sort of have a loose “doubling up” of Mars.  This is a stretch, but one gets the impression that Mars is strong; her strength is evident, her intent (MC) to survive and progress is strong.

Given the context of her life at this time, we can see her well positioned to prevail.  She has placed herself in good hands.  I can not read this chart in a medical sense.  I do see all of the strong life indicators that show her determination to battle for her continued life’s work.

Following the operation she announced that the surgeon had implanted a cow’s value in her heart to replace the unworkable valve.  Pig’s valves are also used for this purpose.  She was grateful for the surgeon’s choice as her Jewish faith would not have gladly accepted the heart valve of a pig.  


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