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A Pope Of Another Color

The last Pope resigned, perhaps due to age, perhaps due to difficulties encountered. If nothing else, the Roman Church is a big institution to run.  Add a bureaucracy that is highly political, a shrinking revenue base due to a shrinking membership, … Continue reading

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How Does One Compensate The World For Their Misdeeds?

We have reviewed several events in Bernard Madoff’s life relating to his arrest, trial and sentencing to life-plus prison time. This period also covered the loss of one of his sons due to hanging.  All-in-all, this has been a difficult and … Continue reading

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Life Sucks For Madoff: Then It Gets Worse

2010.  By now, Madoff was getting used to prison life, not liking it, but slowly learning how to survive.  He claimed that everyone treated him well and looked up to him, but the fact was that he was not liked … Continue reading

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Madoff Adjusts To The Stress & Nature Of Prison Life

Following his sentencing to 150 years in prison in mid 2009, Madoff was sent to a prison in Butner, NC.  His family and lawyers had asked for a New England location, but North Carolina was where he ended up.  Life was very … Continue reading

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All The Pigeons Come Home To Roost

Bernard Madoff’s elaborate and expansive Ponzi scheme came to an end in December of 2008 when his two sons confronted and exposed him.  A few months later, Madoff dealt with his deceit in an abrupt manner, pleading guilty, and avoiding … Continue reading

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Madoff Admits His Guilt To Securities Fraud

In the three months since his sons revealed their father’s massive Ponzi scheme and his subsequent arrest, Madoff’s firm, business associates and others underwent extensive investigation.  Accounts were frozen, monies recovered, investigations started, and the hopes of investors were raised … Continue reading

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Not my best day(s) !

Hello, all.  Have come down with the flu on T-day, currently cannot talk.  Not posting for a day or so.  Dave

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