All The Pigeons Come Home To Roost

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Bernard Madoff’s elaborate and expansive Ponzi scheme came to an end in December of 2008 when his two sons confronted and exposed him.  A few months later, Madoff dealt with his deceit in an abrupt manner, pleading guilty, and avoiding much of a trial’s exposure of his weaknesses, faults and lies to his business associates, friends and family.  Behind the scenes, officials of several agencies were at work extracting information, finding and holding accounts, tabulating the extent of his crimes and the impact of those crimes on his many victims. There were others who shared directly and indirectly in his wealth-creation for the few and deprivation for the many.  Just after the trial where he plead guilty, he was returned to confinement and his 2009 Solar Return occurred. 

Madoff SR 2009-J

The precession-corrected Solar Return of 2009 for Bernard Madoff is shown above.  The Solar Return places Sun/Sun in the 7th, a focus on partnerships and relationships with others.  Madoff has already been exposed, has already plead guilty — what role does the 7th house play in Madoff’s life and fate?  If that question can be answered, we need to first look at the chart’s angles.  n/Mercury is close upon the Descendant angle:  documents will be signed, decisions are to be announced.  n/Pluto in near the MC: Madoff’s sense of his lack-of- power, of being at the mercy of fate, being about to face a retribution from the world that was once his world.  Given his relatively quiet life and demeanour, his cultivated sense of entitlement, this period of humiliation and shame had yet to bring the final pronouncement that would set his final life’s path.

Madoff PDA 6-29-2009-J

On June 29, 2009, six and one half months after being revealed as a fraud, Madoff was to be sentenced to jail for his years of deceit.  This would likely be his last public event before going to the relative solitude of prison.  Notice that the MC has advanced away from n/Pluto while the Ascendant has come to within a few degrees of t/Pluto: He will now experienced the totally changing events promised by t/Pluto.  One life dies to him, another life will awaken for him.  That ever-present n/Mercury is now at the IC angle, having been at the Desc. angle in the Solar Return.  Perhaps n/Mercury now represents travel as well as news about a new life.  t/Moon opposes n/Saturn from the 9th to the 3rd:  The public response to his former plans and strategy for maintaining a lifestyle of indulgences and deceit has to be balanced.  

Bernard Madoff was sentenced to 150 years.  One would expect that he would die in jail and that the world would soon forget him.   Not so.  We have other events in Madoff’s ongoing life to explore — in the next post.  Dave.


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