Madoff Adjusts To The Stress & Nature Of Prison Life

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Following his sentencing to 150 years in prison in mid 2009, Madoff was sent to a prison in Butner, NC.  His family and lawyers had asked for a New England location, but North Carolina was where he ended up.  Life was very different for Madoff in prison.  He suffered from much anxiety and stress.  In October he had a prison yard fight with another inmate, and in December he had to be transferred to the hospital at Duke University in Durham, NC for treatment of facial wounds — apparently from another prison fight.

The chart below is his 2009 Solar Return relocated to Butner, NC where his incarceration was located.

Madoff SR 2009-B at Butner NC=J

This p.c. Solar Return for 2009 occurred prior to his sentencing and incarceration at Butner, NC.  Most notable is n/Pluto at the MC; Madoff’s life, goals and status was to change significantly, irreversibly.  This n/Pluto in the n/11th house suggest a new social venue.  t/Pluto in the 3rd suggests a new community, neighborhood and circle of associates.  n/Mercury at the Desc. angle means that a new perception, understanding of others, expressing oneself has to be part of his life.  Playing astrological hopscotch, we jump over to t/Mercury conjoining n/Venus, midway between n/MC and n/Mars which can be seen as learning to be agreeable while working out how to express your goals, views and status with some degree of self-presence (respect).  Given the noted prison yard fights, this was something that had to be learned the hard way.  The Sun/Sun position in the 7th wraps up this view nicely.  His focus this year had to be on how to manage relationships with others.  Note also t/Mars squaring t/Pluto in “thinking” houses (behind the angles).  This is not a good supportive pattern (supportive due to n/Pluto at the MC as a linking pattern).

Madoff PDA 10-13-2009 in NC-J

This Progressed Daily Angles chart is for Oct 13, 2009, located at Butner, NC. prison facility.  The t/Mars (of the Solar Return) has moved to an inconjunct aspect to t/Pluto; the use of force and attack to resist pressures around him will not likely work and will need Madoff to make adjustments.  t/Mars conjoining n/Pluto highlights this intention to defend his posture and place in the prison population.  t/Moon squaring n/Sun and n/Uranus (and, by inclusion, n/Moon) draws our attention to the emotional issue of being low man on the prison totem pole.  Transiting Ascendant had recently passed over n/Mars a week earlier — this prison yard fight had been brewing for awhile.  Both n/Jupiter and t/Jupiter, along with t/Neptune, straddle the MC of the chart; the expansion of social acceptance (Jupiter) and addressing of an unclear status (MC and t/Neptune) framed this experience.  It may have been the prisoners were seeing if they could “shake down” money from Madoff, not knowing that he had been stripped of everything and all of his friends and family — at that moment — had not much to contribute on his behalf.

Madoff PDA 12-18-2009-B in NC -J

The above daily chart is for the day before Madoff was transferred to Duke University hospital for surgical treatment of injuries and infections to his face. the likely result of more prison yard fighting.  t/Mars was approaching his n/Asc. and the t/Asc. had just passed over t/Mars a few days earlier.  n/Mars was in the 10th house along with n/Venus and n/MC.  Whenever the natal angles are re-established (this happens every 9 months and 2 weeks in these progressed daily angles charts) one’s life changes  completely, for better or worse.  We will talk a bit on this subject later.  

Note also, t/Jupiter and t/Neptune conjoin n/Jupiter at the Desc. angle; this is a socially positive pattern (typically).  The square to the n/MC angle suggests a positive effect on Madoff’s view of his status and future.

So, we have the situation where Madoff has apparently taken another beating while in prison.  Yet, a day or two later he sent a letter to a family member stating that he would walk the prison yard and everyone would treat him like royalty.  Apparently he had finally reached an equilibrium point where he had reached an “acceptance” level in prison life.

This isn’t the end of our Madoff story, as we shall see in the next posting.  Dave

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