How Does One Compensate The World For Their Misdeeds?

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We have reviewed several events in Bernard Madoff’s life relating to his arrest, trial and sentencing to life-plus prison time. This period also covered the loss of one of his sons due to hanging.  All-in-all, this has been a difficult and depressing period in his life.  At the time of this posting during the holiday season of 2013 we have to ask ourselves, “How did Madoff view each end-of-year celebration knowing that he was deeply involved in a massive run-a-way Ponzi scheme involving many billions of dollars?” 

A couple of weeks after his arrest in early December, 2008, the reality of what he had done and the consequences of those actions apparently hit Madoff heavily.  On Dec. 24, 2008 Madoff and his wife made a suicide pact and swallowed a large number of pills, seeking to escape the unpleasantness that was coming.  The Progressed Daily Angles chart for this date is shown below.

Madoff PDA 12-24-2008-J

This PDA chart for Dec. 24, 2008 does not initially look like a suicide or death chart.  We will need to take the chart factors a piece at a time.  Most significant is t/Venus at MC;  one’s sense of balance in their career and life-status is of great concern.  Note that Venus is often angular in death charts and represents a need for harmony and balance at the point of transition.  Nearby is t/Neptune broadly conjoining n/Jupiter and n/Ascendant (in the 4th);  Neptune can represent confusion, idealism, escapism.  Jupiter can represent social opportunities.  The natal Ascendant in the 4th, 7 degrees ahead of the IC angle, squares n/Venus and “doubles up” the Venus symbolism.  This grouping may be seen as being overwhelmed and confused about the scope of what has been done, the changes in life-style that is coming (n/Asc. in the 4th), a distorted sense of balancing out their damages to others with their own small lives.

This “balancing out” idea is likely signified by t/Venus at the MC squaring n/MC and n/Venus in the 12th house.  This is the “doubling up” of Venus and the MC angle.

Now, none of this is as “direct and angular” as one would hope for in this situation.  Other than t/Venus and t/Neptune, much of this chart’s interesting patterns are “off angles”.  This is probably why the attempted double suicide did not work out.  Both recovered the next day — to their dismay or relief is not known.

This is the last chart that will be renewed for now concerning Bernard Madoff.  As this year comes to a close I wish to thank my many readers for their continued interest and visits to this blog site.  Dave


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