A Pope Of Another Color

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The last Pope resigned, perhaps due to age, perhaps due to difficulties encountered. If nothing else, the Roman Church is a big institution to run.  Add a bureaucracy that is highly political, a shrinking revenue base due to a shrinking membership, a sex abuse scandal that has not been addressed and banking reforms to rid the Vatican of past mafia ties (or rumours of such) and all of the travel and constant flow of new issues arising — is it any wonder that the job of Pope could be seen as overwhelming?  Along comes a new Pope, one of another color as they say.  “Un-Popish” in so many ways, one of a quiet demeanor who  breaks many conventions.  Over the coming months we will have time and occasion to examine events and demonstrations of his character.  For now, the election of Pope Francis will be addressed using his precession-corrected Solar Return and Progressed Daily Angles chart for the date of his election.

Francis SR 2012-J

Of most immediate notice is n/MC opposite sr/MC and n/Asc opposite sr/Asc. angles.  Whenever we find an angular realignment or reversal, we have a strong indication of a major life event/experience coming soon. From the book, Personal Prediction, I quote for n/MC opp. sr/MC, “This angular contact is associated with you making changes in your home environment and/or family circles, or in re-assessing your resources and their usage, or ind adopting a new set of core values, or in making deep plans for change. This contact can also suggest a time of challenge when seemingly “fated” or unexpected external conditions change home-family-resource issues significantly–job loss/gain, moving financial changes, etc.”  

Combine this with S/R Desc. conjoined with n/Asc., “You can expect others to plaly a new role in your life or for them to ask you about your willingness to change your relationship with them.  This can apply to romance, work, social and club interactions, partnerships or even the “classical” enemies associated with the angle.  Both your life and their life will become entwined based on any planets involved.”

As we can see from these book references, the recombination of natal and solar return angles is a very strong interpretive tool. Further, the classical “success” signature of Jupiter-MC-Pluto is seen at the MC angle of this Solar Return.  This is all that the astrologer has to look at in this relocated chart.  This man will have a significant year ahead of him where his “success” plays a vital role in the shape of his life. 

Francis PDA 3-13-2013-B

 This chart is as equally notable as was the p.c. Solar Return, except that it is notable for the lack of overwhelming symbolism.   This, in itself, tells us something important.  What angular activity there is to be found will tell us what is important on this date.  We find t/Venus and t/Moon at the Desc. angle.  Period.  Nothing else is angular.

t/Venus, t/Moon at the Desc.; one’s likeability and sensitivity towards others is of paramount importance on this date.  Given the gathering of Cardinals in Rome following the resignation of the previous Pope, the context of life for this man (as well as the other Cardinals) is clear.  His basic character and life was exceptionally well-received by the others.  He was apparently the right person for the the position of Pope as seen by the other Cardinals for this time in the Church’s history.

In these cyclic charts, we read the angles of the chart.  Whatever is shown there becomes the basis for our interpretation.  Even a minimal amount of symbolism is enough to give us a clear answer.  The p.c. Solar Return was an overwhelming example of angular contacts and symbolism at the angles.  The Progressed Daily Angles chart was a clear example of how minimal symbolism can be trusted to clearly depict the situation of the day.



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