Pope Francis: A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing?

Pope Francis photo-4The new Pope, Francis, has made an initial impression on his Church and among the world’s citizens as being a pleasant man who lives his life in a humble manner, following the teachings of Christ as represented by the Catholic Church.  On April 13th of 2013, Pope Francis announced the formation of an international council of Cardinals to help him identify and suggest needed reforms within the Church.  Given the easily identifiable problems noted in the press over the past several years, these problems are numerous:  Sexual abuse of children, Covering up misdeeds of priests and bishops, and haunting rumours of the Church’s banking and financial dealings with distasteful institutions and characters within warring countries and criminal groups.

This action could be rife with dangerous political, legal and religious consequences and shows the courage of this quiet man.  We will look at the daily chart, derived from the 2012 p.c. Solar Return, for the date of this announcement.  We will also delve into some deeper investigation of this type of chart than is typically done at this blog-site.  To do this, I will make use of one of RIYAL’s software features.

Pope Francis PDA 4-13-2013-J

t/Neptune at the Desc. angle suggests that the Pope is sharing or promulgating a vision or ideal with others.  Playing astrological hopscotch, we note n/Neptune in the first house squaring t/Jupiter in the 10th; The Pope’s personal vision and sense of personal ideals is now the Church’s ideals and will be challenged by the enlargement of those ideals/visions as they become the goals of the Church and need to be managed.

t/Moon at the MC (3 degrees) represents the publicity and the people (of the Church) who are most affected by this announcement and the problems to be resolved.  Astrological hopscotch takes us to the n/Moon & n/Venus in the 6th; this effort will require balance and effort/work to accomplish.

Is this all of the angular symbolism (so important in these cyclic charts) to consider?  No!  We will now utilize one of RIYAL’s (the software used for this charting of Solar Returns and Progressed Daily Angles charts) most important features — the Hit List — shown below.

Pope Francis Hit List for 4-13-3013-J

Riyal can produce an annual listing of the Solar Return’s progressed MC and Asc. angles, Progressed Moon, RAMC position, and listing of natal, solar return and transiting planets that are contacted by each day’s angles. Take particular note of the April 13, 2013 data indicated by the shaded horizontal row.  On this day, and the next day, the Solar Return Venus (1:49 Sag) will be on the daily chart’s IC angle, the Solar Return Moon (5:05 Pisces) will be at the daily chart’s Desc. angle.  These positions bring the Solar Return’s Venus and Moon symbolism forward into this day’s announcement.  

In the S/R, t/Venus squared t/Moon from the 8th to the 12th:  the resources and balance of values (Venus) looked after by the church (8th house symbolism) is challenged (the square aspect) by the popular vision (Moon, Neptune in the 12th) (and all other forms of interpretations for this pairing in the twelfth house).  The purpose, the life mission of this man is to bring harmony and religious ideals to the people.  He intends to impose his vlaues and vision for the church upon the church.  This is a very serious man on a mission.  He will not be a care-taker post.  He may be 77 years of age, but he is very young in his mind.

There are complete instructions provided in this blog for the downloading, calculation and use of Juan Revilla’s free-to-use and free-to-download RIYAL for Windows software.  You are encouraged to use this software and these methods for use in your own predictive work.  Dave.


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  1. dadsnook says:

    It appears that this Pope’s genial and humble appearance and manner masks an inner drive to deal with the politics and bureaucracy of the Vatican and its world wide organization. In future posts, both in this series and in the months to come, we can follow this man who is both leading and fighting his church. Dave


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