Pope Francis: The Start of His Career

Pope Francis Photo-7 young

Every story starts somewhere.  This story started long before Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who would later become Pope Francis, was ordained a priest in the Roman Catholic Church.  However, we don’t have accurate dates for many of those events, so this story starts on Dec. 13, 1969.  The photo shown here depicts a young adult, inclined in his stance with a smile on his face.  This photo may or may not be a photo on the day of his ordination but it provides a sense of him early in his life.   In most of his Solar Return and Progressed Daily Angle charts the MC angle is shown to be important — the MC representing his career, calling, his sense of self-direction and striving.  This post will present his p.c. Solar Return and daily chart.

Francis SR 1968-J

This precession corrected Solar Return for 1968 occurred almost a full year ahead of his ordination as a Priest.  There are several significant angular patterns that tell his story in this chart.  n/Asc. at the MC.  Personal Prediction notes this as meaning “How you typically view life and deal with it has to now be faced, proven or changed . . . different circumstances and chosen life directions.”  Also notable is t/Mars and n/Mars at the Asc. angle; this doubled-up Mars symbolism represents his presence, his stance in life.  Mars is not always an indication of anger, fighting, hurting, physical action.  It often is, but it doesn’t always work out in immediate physical action.  Mars can be a committed step. an action of the mind.  n/Mercury at the IC seems to amplify this decision of the mind by indicating thoughts about a new phase in his life., a reorientation of the mind.

Now, we need to look at the date of his Ordination.

Francis PDA 12-13-1969=J

When we look for angular activity in this Progressed Daily Angles chart for the date of his Ordination as a Priest, Dec. 13, 1969.  In the intervening span of time since the Solar Return, the MC has traveled from 11 Cancer to 6 Libra.  This is not an arc movement of 85 degrees, but an advance of 360 plus 85 degrees, or 445 degrees!  As Cyril Fagan pointed out in his Primer on Sidereal Astrology, the MC moves from one Solar Return to the next a total of some 450 degrees, the rate of advance being about 1.25 degrees per day.  We can see that this event occurs 5 days before his next Solar Return or 360 days after his last Solar Return.

In this daily chart we find one angular placement, t/Uranus at the MC.  Uranus does symbolize sudden change and personal upheaval, the cognition of a striking new idea.  This far out planet also represents part of our individuality and uniqueness, the part of us that rises out of nowhere/somewhere when we need to rise above our normal self to meet unique circumstances.

Not angular, we note t/Saturn conjoining n/MC and n/Uranus in the 4th house.  If we were just looking at transits to the natal chart, and not looking at those transits as part of a cyclic chart, this combination would indicate a career commitment, a burden or responsibility that was placed on his shoulders.  This is still true.  It is not the focus of a cyclic chart, but it is clearly supportive and important.  This n/MC and n/Uranus mirrors the t/Uranus at the MC of the chart.  This is a doubling-up of the MC’s symbolism and clearly fits with the commitments made on this date.

In the following posts, other milestones in this man’s career will be looked at.

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