Pope Francis: 2nd Step On A Short Ladder

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In December of 1996, Jorge Mario Bergoglio became a Priest.  29 years later he was appointed Coadjutor Archbishop of Buenos Aires.   Between these dates he had held other positions, one of them as Rector for the Philosophical and Theological Faculty of San Miguel.  He was building a solid set of credentials for himself.  He was established within the Church hierarchy.  We will look at his p.c. Solar Return for 1996 and his Progressed Daily Angles chart for June 3, 1997, the day of his appointment.  In these two charts we will see similar planets show up at the MC-IC axis of these two charts — an indication that the daily chart completes the promise of the Solar Return.

Francis SR 1996-J

  • n/Jupiter is on the Asc.; Long sought opportunities seem to now be possible.
  • n/Asc. opposes the Asc.; There will be an interchange between two people who will affect his life and person.
  • n/Saturn opposes n/Neptune on the IC-MC axis;  This year will enable him to build a bridge between a vision and concrete results.  This will be part of his year’s work, bringing him the opportunity to enact perceived needs.
  • t/Mars in the 10th squares t/Sun & n/Sun and n/N.Node in the 12th; This is likely to a behind-the-scenes opportunity working direct with authorities in the church to benefit others (members) in the Church.

So, we have a Solar Return promising an opportunity to work behind the scenes bringing a vision into reality, an opportunity given him by another (with whom he had probably shared his wishes for a project).  We will now look at the date of his appointment.

Francis PDA 6-03-1997=J

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a Priest, a Rector (director) became a Coadjutor Archbishop on June 3, 1997, appointed by the Archbishop.

  • Remembering n/Saturn opposite n/Neptune on the IC-MC axis of the Solar Return, we note in this chart that t/Saturn is at the MC and opposes n/Mars.  His industriousness and self-discipline is apparently part of the reason for his appointment.
  • t/Sun opposes the n/Saturn-opposite-n/Neptune pattern; The t/Sun, representing authority figures, now has to struggle with this inner vision and program (n.Saturn-n/Neptune) which was made possible by his boss (Sun-Jupiter on Desc.).
  • t/Venus at the Asc., opposite n/Sun, n/N.Node, n/Jupiter;  This man is highly regarded (Venus at Asc.) by his friends within the Church (Sun, N.Node, Jupiter).

Would you be able to predict this appointment ahead of time.  The symbols are there.  It is hard to imagine doing so ahead of time, yet the chart shows it.  From this type of chart, it may be best to just study and learn.  It may not be the charts, the astrology, it may be us who are not up to the task.  What we can learn from these two charts is that the Solar Return should not be ignored.  We should look for its angular planets to show up (in natal or transiting form) in significant daily charts.  A good lesson.  Dave


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