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Jay Leno is a house-hold name in the U.S. due to his almost 22 year-long hosting of NBC’s Tonight Show, a late night conversational presentation of guests, music and (most of all) wacky commentary and interviews with both public figures and individuals among the general population.  

Among his may approaches to interacting with individuals in the general population is his “Jay Walking” skits wherein he interviews people who are walking about the city engaged in their everyday activities.  Jay presents them with some obvious questions which often are not answered.  “What do you think of _____ ?”  When a wrong answer is offered Jay might come back with “Well, that makes sense if you don’t think about it” reply.   Jay was selected to become the new host of the Tonight Show after Johnny Carson retired.  We will look at his precession-corrected Solar Return chart of 1992, relocated to Hollywood, CA for April 28, 1992.

Jay SR 1992-J

The most striking component of this p.c. Solar Return is the placement of the n/MC angle located at the Asc. angle of the Solar Return.  My book, Personal Prediction, notes that this is the year to ‘Reinforce your image.’  This summary statement can involve making changes in your home/family/business circles, re-assessing how you use your resources and skills.  It is also a time of challenge when fate seems to step in and present you with opportunities that have to aggressively pursued.

In prior years Jay had been very busy working the comedy circuits, honing his skills as a stand-up comedian.  He had been recommended to the producers of the Tonight Show as a guest comedian in the past but had not impressed them.  Yet, he had been given an appearance or two.   In the year prior to this Solar Return he had changed his approach to comedy and the subjects addressed.  His perceived appropriateness improved.  With the assistance of friends, his name was advanced for consideration.  One of the key considerations of this position was ‘longevity’ and an ability to constantly create new material month after month.  Jay had proved himself in this consideration.

t/Venus at the Desc. angle signified the attractiveness of his comedy personality to others.  Astrologically hopscotching over to n/Venus in the 5th, we can see that his perceived attractiveness for the position was due to his creativity.  Note n/Venus is opposed to n/Mars; he has the poise to present challenges between what one wants and what one does — a hall mark of successful creative assertiveness.

Jay PDA 5-25-1992-J

The above Progressed Daily Angles chart is for May 25, 1992, the first night that he hosted the Tonight Show.  Striking is t/Jupiter at the MC opposing n/Jupiter at the IC.; significant of both personal and professional success and opportunity coming to fruition.  Equally impressive is t/Mercury conjoining n/Mercury at the Desc. angle opposite t/Pluto at the Asc. angle.  A Mercury Return at the Desc. is both a “doubled up” planet situation — communicating with others in a big way — and an indicator that he would be a consummate communicator with each of his audience members and public on a personal level.  Indeed, this was symbolic of his personal approach to interviews with guests and skits such as his Jay Walking series of people in everyday life.  t/Pluto at the Asc. points to the transformational impact of his style of comedy on reaching the public.  The previous host of the show had drifted into a somewhat fixed routine — it was time for a fresher and more dynamic pace.

This blog will come back to Pope Francis from time to time as his fresh approach to exercising power and reform in the Church brings him back into the news.  In coming weeks we will have occasion to pick up the Pistorius story from South Africa as that trial is coming up in March while he is negotiating a financial settlement with the family of his former girlfriend.  The coming year will also see political changes in the U.S. and overseas.  A lot to look at.  Dave


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