Jay Leno; From the Start All the Way to the End

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On February 6th, 2014, next Friday evening, Jay Leno will host his last NBC Tonight Show.

In the intervening years since he started, Jay has set a high bar for other late-night TV hosts and for his successors.  A fast paced opening monologue of some 12 to 15 minutes followed by guests, musical groups and zany skits has kept his show fresh and appealing.

In this pair of charts, a Moon-to-Sun Return and an Advanced chart relating to his last Tonight Show, we will examine a less-appreciated factor in this type of cyclic chart.   How the key chart symbol, not a planet in this case, provides a message and then goes on to set the timing of the message-event.  This will be a simple illustration.


 In this Moon-to-Sun in the 8th house Return chart I have shown the entire data listing as presented by the Kepler software application I am using.  You can note that I have relocated Jay’s chart from his New York birthplace to Hollywood, CA.  Cyclic charts always work best when located to where the subject is living.  The relocated natal chart is outside, the transits are shown inside.

As an 8th house Return, this chart is given a “theme” which seems less appropriate at first than what we have come to expect from these charts.  From the in-preparation book, 1) The flow or the management of monies, property or tangible ideas that will have realizable value or gain from one’s investment or efforts.  2) Joint property . . ., 3) . . . decisions without emotional baggage while fending off dependencies that upset one’s plans.”  After many years, Jay has developed highly effective comedy routines that mark his style of humor — there are likely to be many contractual agreements over which of his years of material he can use later in his following career events free from NBC copyright controls.

While this last evening’s show will likely include a number of popular past guests and well wishes, the chart suggests that Jay Leno already has his future months all planned out.

Note the transiting Part of Fortune conjoining his n/MC angle;  What he has long been recognized for in his career and public image is now subject to “Chance and change.”  This portion of his career will end.  The n/PoF is in the 10th house, reinforcing the ‘career” focus of this chart factor.  t/PoF squares t/Neptune and n/Jupiter; how this relates to 1) large crowds (heavy TV audience viewing), high drama and show-biz notables, or an elaborate good bye extravaganza will not be know till next Friday evening.

Note also n/Mars in the 1st opposing n/Venus in the 7th.  Mars in the 1st represents one’s presence and command of the situation, while Venus in the 7th represents one’s ability to connect to others.  In the natal chart this pair has Venus in the 2nd, Mars in the 8th; lending him an ability to make/collect money and valued items which can have an ‘investment’ form of function in his life.  The many antique and special automobiles (close to two dozen) fits within this view.  In this Return chart, Mars in the 1st indicates that he will have effective stage presence, there will be no emotionalism for himself, only for his guests.


The chart above is the Moon-to-Sun Return ADVANCED one day to Feb. 6th, 2014.  Again I have displayed the data from the Kepler software’s birth/event date data.  Note that the time of the chart remains the same as the actual Return chart.  In the single day since the Return chart, t/PoF has advanced to the IC angle; indicating that this date is when “Chance and change” will occur.  The t/PoF moves some 13 degrees per day as does the Sun, so we can consider it closely angular on this date.  

The t/PoF identified Jay’s career and public image (n/MC) in the Return chart and has now moved on the contact the IC angle and provide the timing of this event.  Cyclic charts do not get any simpler or any more clear than this example.

Keep in mind that this is a TV show, it is not a major dilemma in Jay’s life nor a wind-fall event.  For someone in show business this is just a couple of levels above an ordinary day.  For the audience this date does loom large, marking the end of an era for those who watch TV in the late evening.  A long-standing routine, for some, is ending.  For Jan it is another fun day at the office.   Dave.


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