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Mila Kunis, Hollywood actress, was announced as the new spokesperson for Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon.  Mila is claimed to love bourbon so the invitation was offered and accepted according to a news release on Jan. 31, 2014.  A video of Mila touring the firm’s facilities was released — the ads themselves will appear within a month. 

I seldom post about Hollywood personalities because their biographies list the years that movies were released and their personal notes are seldom date-specific.  This is not good for an astrologer.  It is only when someone like Paris Hilton or Mel Gibson do something goofy and make the news that we have charts to look at.


This Moon-to-Sun Return for Jan. 18, 2013 has a 10th house focus.  t/Moon-conj-n/Sun in this position presents a theme related to public recognition and career, highly appropriate for such a joint venture with the producers of Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon.  Note that the natal planets are shown in the outer ring.  This child of the Ukraine came to the United States at age seven without any knowledge of the language.  In a couple of years she had not only learned the language but was enrolled in acting schools by her parents who held common jobs — jobs they appreciated having come from far poorer circumstances in their homeland.  I personally took notice of Mila Kunis when she was appearing on TV as a cast member of The 70’s show.  The move from the Ukraine brought her natal Sun to her new (relocated) Ascendant.  Coupled with Venus rising in the natal chart, she represents her chart very well.

In this t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return the natal MC is in the 7th house of partnerships.  This also fits with the spokesperson role announced.  t/N.Node at the n/Part of Fortune at the Ascendant again emphasizes the sudden opportunity to form a new association.  t/Mercury at the IC fits with the new announcement of her joint venture.



On the date of the news release, the chart’s Ascendant conjoined n/Moon and opposed the n/MC — her actions had brought her public attention relative to her career.  The chart’s MC had contacted her relocated Ascendant, her personality was her public image on this date.  Transiting Part of Fortune squares her transiting Moon, doubling up her public response pattern.  Her charts read like a diary.  

In my next post I expect to look at the Affordable Care Act (the U.S. health plan) and the media frenzy over the release of opinion by the Congressional Budget Office.   Dave.


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