Childhood Memories; Shirley Temple Black

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The name ‘Shirley Temple’ invokes for many of us the image of a small three-four-five year old girl who sang and tap-danced across the silver screen during the early 1930’s when the great depression had sapped the economic health and happiness out of the U.S. and much of Europe.  At a grim time, Shirley brought smiles and hope, an uplifting message of optimism and helping others, a reason to laugh and be happy, very happy.

I can remember during those World War II days riding my bike several miles to a nearby city, paying my 12 cents admission to the theater and watching a double feature.  Shirley Temple made frequent appearances on those days, if not in one of her many movies, then certainly in the previews of what would be appearing next week.  In the following charts I have spelled her name incorrectly for which I apologize.


The t/Moon conjoins n/Sun in the 12th house of this Return chart.  This establishes a theme, when one considers that we are talking about an 85 years old lady, of institutionalism  and care as well as preparation for the next phase of one’s life.  The t/N.Node opposite points to a break in one’s friendships.  When we note the t/Part of Fortune opposing n/PoF along the IC-MC axis, and both squaring the t/Moon and n/Sun, we know that chaos (t/PoF opposite n/PoF and both square t/Moon-n/Sun) and upset plans will occur.    In the big picture, t/Uranus is approaching n/Uranus; a major life completion phase is in progress.  This is a critical period.  When we take the context of hospitalization into the mix, the possibilities arise.

Shirly photo 4 adult

Shirley Temple Black as an adult, Ambassador and Chief Protocol officer for the White House.


On the date of her passing, Age 85, on Feb. 10, 2014, the t/Moon-to-n/Sun chart’s angles had changed, bringing t/Saturn exactly to the 7th house and the Desc. angle; one experiences limitations and difficulty in their dealings with others.  This angle is also known as the death angle.  t/Saturn squares t/Sun; the strength of one’s heart is diminished.  Transiting Moon and Part of Fortune should always be checked in any Advanced chart.  Here, t/PoF squares t/Moon; Chance and change brings upsets to one’s bodily rhythms.   t/Moon had recently conjoined n/Moon in a Lunar Return — did Shirley have the body energy to enter this renewed (new moon) phase of her life?  Dave


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