Amanda Knox: Wanting To Awaken From An Unending Nightmare

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Holding a placard declaring her innocence, Amanda Knox responds to the unbelievable finding of the Italian Court system of “guilty” after having been previously declared “not guilty” by that same court.  In the U.S., this is “double jeopardy” — not allowed to occur.  One trial, one verdict, no going Amanda photo 6back on the same charges for the same crime in order to obtain a different outcome.    A tearful Amanda Knox was on several TV networks being interviewed and making statements, clearly consumed by shock and disbelief, yet compassionately concerned over the family of her deceased best friend who was murdered and their ongoing grief and exposure to the antics of the Italian court.  We can look at two Moon-to-Sun Returns for Feb. 11, 2014, one cast in Seattle, one cast for Perugia, Italy where the murder of Amanda’s friend occurred.


The above chart is cast for Seattle, Washington state, USA and is notable for t/Uranus at the Asc. and n/Venus at the IC angles.  t/Uranus at the Asc. is typically indicative of excitement, hopefully not the sudden event that was sprung upon Amanda by this news from Italy.  Shock is typical of Uranus, the Ascendant bring it harmfully home.  n/Venus at the IC is often a signature of death or a love affair, its broader meaning is to represent a re-balancing of one’s life, a new start.  In this case it seems, for her, a unbalancing.

The t/Moon-to-n/Sun in the fourth house offers a theme of “Promoting or changing ones personality for a new situation, efforts to work through a transition, . . . the integration with past . . . future conditions.”  All of this is certainly appropriate for Amanda’s current situation.  Note the t/Part of Fortune opposing t/Neptune; her feelings of upset, chance and change are triggered by a delusional (for her)  judgmental message from a foreign place — Neptune’s 12th house position is the fourth house of the ninth house of foreign affairs.  Since the event of finding her guilty again occurred on the day that initiated this Moon-to-Sun cycle, the event seems appropriately powerful.


The chart above is cast for Perugia, Italy, where the murder of Amanda’s friend occurred.  Different forces are at work in this locational chart.  t/Saturn has taken over the IC angle; new limitations are being put in place.  t/Mercury and t/Neptune hover at the Descendant angle, conjoining Amanda’s natal/Part of Fortune; unreal news upsets her, coming from another source (her Italian-based lawyer).  Playing astrological hopscotch, we look at t/Part of Fortune squaring t/Mars; an attack is upsetting and changes her life situation.

I’ll return to Shirley Temple in a couple of days and then on to other people’s charts.  Dave


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