Chris Christie: Planning To Climb Out Of The Mud Hole

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The End of 2013, three years from the next Presidential Election in the U.S. and time to start positioning himself among the many of his political party who will be seeking that same nomination.  What better platform than being the Chairman of the Republican Governors Association.  From this political platform Christie will be traveling the country, helping to raise money for other Governor’s and their re-election and speaking for his brand of politics.  In the course of his travels he will be both earning the support of other key politicians but will also have the opportunity to introduce himself to the country at large.  This is a major step in chasing the presidency.

Photo GWBIt is also a means of deflecting attention from the “Closing of the George Washington Bridge scandal” that commenced two months earlier and is presently growing in breadth and depth as Federal and State investigations are gathering evidence and issuing subpoenas.  There will be interesting developments as the New Jersey Governor tries to climb out of this political mud hole and emerge clean and fresh.


The house positions of t/Moon-opp-n/Sun are 8th to 2nd, suggesting a general theme of (in part), “Managing investments brings conflicts . . . Confidence to be shown in the face of competition.  Emotions to be kept in check . . . you have to show assuredness.  Drawing upon one’s own resources.”

The most angular planet is t/Mercury opposite the MC;  News and meetings will offer a new course to follow.  t/Sun conjoins the n/Asc.; long standing goals and a direction will be acted upon.  (Natal planets in cyclic charts represent established expressions that have developed in our adult life).  Playing astrological hopscotch, we can look at n/Sun conjoined by t/Mars; emphasizing the “acting upon” nature of t/Sun to n/Asc.

Note t/Mars, n/Sun, n/Pluto and t/Pluto opp. n/Mars.  This cross-grouping of natal and transiting planets suggests a great intensity and control-domination of Christie’s life plan at the moment in time.  He does want to run for U.S. President in 2016.  The t/PoF is always a good thing to check in this type of chart, here t/PoF conjoins n/Moon; the result is an effort to gain a national public image.  Jumping over to the n/PoF we find it conjoined by n/Saturn opposing n/N.Node above the horizon in the 12th house; Christie has launched a privately held strategy to seek national office.  He will not admit that now, at this point in time, but that is his intent.


This chart is for day he won the nomination as Chairman of the Republican Governors Association.  The chart remains located for New Jersey.   t/Mercury and t/Saturn bracketed the IC-MC axis, conjoining n/Neptune and n/Asc.; his strategic plan is off to a start, fulfilling a dream (n/Neptune, the fairytale planet) and following through on his intent to act (n/Ascendant).  It should be noted that t/Neptune conjoins his n/IC angle, doubling up the Neptune energy.  In this case the two Neptunes more likely represent a dream on one hand and a night-mare on the other hand.

t/PoF conjoins t/Uranus on the cusp of the 9th, sudden gains come to him from a wider stage than his home state.  t/Sun is approaching n/Moon; growing publicity will gain the attention of the public.  The old political saying that “any publicity is better than no publicity” will be put to the test as Christie seeks national approval on one hand while trying to avoid local disapproval on the other hand.  Can he out run the fire?  

The last post set a record number of views for the Ninthhouse, many of which originated in France and were not concerned with Governor Christie.  If there is any topical areas that those who follow this site wish to see covered more frequently, please let me know.

Also, now that many followers have had a long exposure to the types of cyclic charts offered here, there may be some who wish to offer a ‘Guest Presentation’ of their own.  If someone would like to use this platform to share their charts and views, please contact me.



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