Jimmy Fallon: Filling Leno’s Shoes And Walking Into Our Late Night TV

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Jimmy Fallon has filled Jay Leno’s Shoes on the Tonight Show!  Feb. 17, 2014, the first Monday after the Olympics, found Jimmy bringing his up-beat and highly entertaining self and guests to our late night televisions.

Jimmy was born Sept. 19, 1974 near New York City.  There is no recorded birth time but Issac Starkman has rectified a chart on Astrodatabank for 22h21m and that time will be used.  Our first chart will be a precession corrected Solar Return for 2013, prior to his taking over the Tonight Show, but after NBC had made it’s much earlier announcement that he would be hosting that show.  This is an important chart to study for those who follow or use this form of charting.

Jimmy SR 2013-J

This is a RIYAL produced Solar Return, instructions for using this free-to-download-and-use software can be found in the Calculation menu at the top of this page.  The most important feature of this chart is due to the fact that Jimmy Fallon had reached the age of 39 this year!  When using either Sidereal or p.c. Tropical Solar Returns (used for this chart), the 39th year will bring the natal angles back to the S/R angles.  Age 39 is like being born again, it represents a major life change or ending!  You would be amazed at how many public figures die at age 39. 

Jimmy photo-1In addition to the angular realignment, n/Venus is at the Descendant.  Fallon’s basic attractiveness to his audience will be in play this year.  Sun-Sun occurs in the 7th house; a major partnership is in the works.  These few factors and comments is all that needs to be said about Fallon’s following year in terms of the Solar Return chart itself.  This contradicts the efforts that most astrologers make in interpreting conventional Solar Return charts.  Why?  Because conventional astrologers attempt to use this chart like a natal chart and look for every nit-picking detail, along with other progressions and transits, to find times and events that might occur.  They do not recognize that Solar Returns are cyclic charts, that the chart itself evolves on a day-by-day basis to show each day’s experiences and events.  Cyril Fagan’s work to identify and define the modern Sidereal practices of chart calculation and usage showed us how to advance this Solar Return for day-to-day use.  The charts I use are cast in the precession-corrected Tropical zodiac and have the same characteristics as a Sidereal chart except that the Tropical reference framework is used.

Jimmy PDA 2-17-2014-J

Jimmy Fallon’s opening night is characterized by n/Mars at the Ascendant.  This is a daily chart version of TV Game Show host Jim Barker who had his natal Mars at his natal chart’s Ascendant.  Mars at the ascendant angle indicates one who has great stage presence and who demands attention.  It is like having the Sun and Moon on the Ascendant.  If we play astrological hopscotch, we note t/Mars and t/N.Node conjoining n/Uranus; his special uniqueness (Uranus) will be reaching out (Mars) to others (N.Node).

t/Moon conjoins n/Sun in the 12th; perhaps suggesting that he is coming in from out of the lime-light (a former TV show that aired later near midnight and early morning) and into more prominence represented by the former host, Jay Leno.  Or, this may represent all of the prior planning that went into the new show’s format.   It is questionable as to whether this t/Moon and n/Sun can be considered angular enough to be treated as a supporting factor.  I would note that t/Sun, t/Mercury square n/Moon and t/Saturn; this suggesting that his appearance on this night would be highly public but deeply scripted to assure its success.  Whatever.  The chart is what it is.  Jimmy Fallon has moved his late, late night show to the Tonight Show and maintains his high level of entertainment.

I have several possibilities for upcoming postings; Charlie White and Meryl Davis, the Ice Dancing Olympic Champions, or Carl Sagan the former astronomer and TV show presenter, or Michael Rockefeller who disappeared in Netherlands New Guinea while searching for art forms among the natives.  If you have preferences, let me know.  Dave


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