The Crime Life of Bonnie & Clyde

Gangster Era of 1930s-J

Introducing a new series of astrological stories on the Gangster Era of 1930s period.  This series will run on an interrupted basis within the flow of other stories.

Clyde & Bonnie photo 2

The first series will cover Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker — Barrows birth date and time are recorded, charts will use p.c. Solar Returns and Progressed Daily Angles charts.  Other crime figures of these few intense years do not have birth times, their charting will require the use of Moon-to-Sun Returns.  The early 1930’s saw the confluence of several key factors that contributed to the sudden rise of ‘gangsterism.’  The country (United States) was in a deep financial depression, people were desperate for food and survival.  The availability of dependable automobiles and a growing network of roads made travel relatively easy.  And, the legal system was highly fragmented in terms of city, state and federal cooperation across jurisdictions, inter-communication, and training of a skilled enforcement force.  This situation was made for robberies of stores, banks, and military arsenals (for weapons).

The real Bonnie & Clyde:  Clyde was an insecure young adult who had been in prison and raped.  He was embittered and angry with the prison system and determined to never return to jail.   Bonnie had been a waitress, and was divorced from a too-early marriage, bored and looking for excitement.  As fate would have it, one of her coffee shop cusomers was to be the FBI agent who was part of the ambush squad that killed her and Clyde on a country back road a few years later.

Clyde Barrow’s natal chart is shown below.

Clyde nata J

Notable in this chart is the Paran-square between Pluto at the Asc. and the opposing Mercury at the MC with Jupiter at the IC.  Paren-squares are planet groupings which are angular but not necessarily 90 degrees square to each other.  The paran-square was seen by Siderealist Cyril Fagan as being stronger than a conventional square in which one planet was not near/at an angle.  Using Ebertin’s ‘Combination of Stellar Influences’  we find:  1) Pluto/Asc. — the rule and control over one’s environment. A fascinating personality.  2) with Mercury — The urge to dominate other people’s minds.  3) with Jupiter — An imposing and powerful personality, generosity.  4) with MC — The attainment of power and authority in life, success in one’s career in life.  When all of this is combined within a desperate and un-educated person in an environment offering few paths to a better life, even basic survival on a month-to-month basis, it is not surprising that he took advantage of what those times and circumstances offered.

Sun is at the midpoint of Venus and Saturn, all in the 10th; Again, noting Ebertin’s comments on this combination, “Unsatisfied desire in love, inhibition in sex-expression, an unhealthy express of the sex-urge, weak powers of procreation.  A lonely life, separation in love or marriage.  Organic troubles.  We can see how his early life in prison contributed to this view of Sun=Venus/Saturn that Ebertin provides.  What family life had Clyde Barrow had as a young child.  His parents had moved to the Texas area as dirt-farmers, living under a viaduct.  Later the family started a scrap metal business, built a small house in a flood-zone and industrial area.  Like so many, Clyde dropped out of school and took to burglarizing stores at night-time.  Small jobs that lasted for only days or weeks proved to be frustrating.

Saturn square Neptune is a depressing aspect for one caught up in this situation as it suggests  suffering, having to work hard for accomplishment of one’s plans, emotional inhibitions, etc.  Playing out one’s personal life among these stellar patterns that also helped to shape the environment around him could be said by some to be totally fated.  Who knows.  In the next posts we will follow several events in his short life with Bonnie and learn a few things about the use of p.c. Solar Returns and daily charts as they illustrate his life experiences.  Dave

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