Bonnie & Clyde: Murder — OK For Me, Not So Good For You

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Clyde Barrow, of Boonie & Clyde” fame, was vain, insecure, a fast talker who loved guns, and couldn’t hold a job, felt he was entitled to something better than what a small town could offer him in the middle of a bleak economic depression.   So said Brian Burrough, author of ‘Public Enemies” which chronicled the several notorious bank robbing gangs of the early 1930s before being stopped by the new FBI under the direction of J. Edgar Hoover.

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This post will start my attempt to trace Clyde’s crime life using Solar Returns and daily charts for exploring the events which brought him to the attention of the newspapers.  Up until he turned 21, Clyde Barrow and his brother were little more than local sneak thieves, shop lifting from stores, stealing truckloads of chickens, scrap metal, and only occasionally holding menial jobs for short periods of time.  Then, they got their hands on guns, picked up some girlfriends, and developed a need for money they themselves didn’t have.  The results, in those bleak times of no jobs, no opportunities and no money were predictable.  

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In 1930 Clyde and Bonnie became friends.  Bonnie had married as a young teenager and then gotten divorced.  She was bored with life, read detective magazines and complained about there “not being a thing to do.”  She was fascinated by Clyde reckless life of robbing stores and stealing from houses.  Clyde was soon caught and Bonnie sneaked a pistol into prison, enabling Clyde to escape.  Both were soon apprehended, Bonnie given a few months for her part, Clyde was given 14 years. However, he was released in 1932, two years later. The two of them hooked up again.  The chart above is for April 30, 1932 and is for the day that Clyde Barrow committed his first murder — s shop keeper in Hillsboro, Texas.  What might we expect in a murder chart?  Mars, Pluto, the 12th house are said to be applicable to murder.  

n/Asc. conjoins daily/Ascendant (on the 12th house side) with t/Venus and n/Pluto.  Venus represents desire, Pluto represents intensity.  The coming together of n/Asc. with t/Asc. suggests that this date is a turning point in his life.  Lets look at n/Venus which is in the 10th and conjoining t/N.Node; an association between lovers is the focus of this date.  n/Mercury & n/MC is in the 9th house of holidays and carefree travel.  Bonnie and Clyde were out having fun!  The murder of a store keeper was incidental to them — they desired money and thrills, and took both.  

If n/Pluto is important to consider, then let us turn our attention to t/Pluto which opposes n/Mars and n/Uranus.  The intensity of the moment would involve anger, forcefulness, sudden actions and events gone out of control — not that this on te 8th house cusp, the 8th being classically associated with sex, death, and taxes (confiscation).  These two wild-child adults of the depression era were living out the astrological symbolism.  We can play more hopscotch, moving from n/Mars and n/Uranus to t/Mars, t/Uranus in the 11th squaring t/Pluto approaching the 2nd house of money.  

We have not yet commented on t/Moon at the MC sextile n/Moon & t/Sun; emotions flow freely, each supporting the other to the detriment of sanity and logic (the t/Sun) which is in conflict (square aspect) with more legal opportunities (t/Jupiter).  Jumping from t/Jupiter to n/Jupiter being contacted by t/Neptune we can see that there was no clear thinking about what they were doing, they were living a fairytale for themslves, a nightmare for the victims.

Their criminal activities continued through the summer months, all confined to a small portion of Texas.  Bonnie and Clyde moved about, staying with friends and family, often sleeping in their car.  Their notoriety was confined to the local police.  Then, on Oct. 11th of 1932, they killed again.

Clyde PDA 10-11-1932 JIn this daily chart for Oct. 11, 1932, One of two angular planets n/N.Node at the Desc. angle.  According to Public Enemies, page 26, the pair would stay with family members or arrange a family picnic out in the country where they would gather in the woods or at some abandoned farm.  The families and friends were quite taken with the escapades of the pair and made good use of the small amount of money available from store robberies to buy food and drink.  Yet, on this date, a second murder of another store keeper occurred.

n/Sun at the IC angle suggests that Clydes life style was set and that he was off and running towards a new future, a different way of life.  t/Sun had recently passed in opposition to the n/Sun; some form of clarity and perspective had come to him.  Yet their life, as marked by their activities, seemed devoid of purpose and direction.  They were two wild people bouncing around the pool table of life.  Unless we choose to the n/Sun at the IC, and having been opposed by the t/Sun at the MC, as meaning that Clydes life purpose was contending with the shop keepers life purpose, we can see little in this chart that denotes murder.  It was something that was of no consequence to Clyde Barrow. 

t/N.Node conjoined t/Moon opposing t/Jupiter from the 3rd to te 9th houses;   My book-in-preparation offers for this pattern; “Entertaining guests or visitors, sharing confidences, unexpected travel in local areas, being questioned, . . . ”  This seems quite appropriate.  t/Pluto remains in opposition to n/Mars, n/Uranus as it was in the April chart.

When I had been studying Astrologer in my younger years, perhaps only a year  or two into my studies I recognized that those who seemed to be achieving success (by their definition) in life had busy, active charts.  Those who accomplished little and did little seemed to have charts without significant patterns or transits.  These two charts are much like those that I had noted in my younger years.  Bonnie and Clyde had no agenda, no plan, no purposeful life.  Murder to them was no more than stealing a candy bar or an apple from a store.  They have been glamorized by the film and media, they should be pitied for having lived a wasted life and ruining other lives.  Dave


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