John Dillinger — I Rob Banks, What Do You Do?

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John Dillinger was another of the famous 1930’s Gangsters.  John Dillinger robbed banks!  We have seen charts for Clyde Barrow and his small-time robbery and killing episodes.  Barrow had no idea what he was doing — we saw nothing angry, hateful or vicious in his charts.  He was just having fun and was totally unmindful of what he was doing.

Gangster Era of 1930s-JWe will look at a p.c. Solar Return and PDA chart for Dillinger’s first bank robber which also included a killing of a police officer.

Our story starts with John Dillinger and an accomplice, John Hamilton, returning to the Midwest after vacationing in Florida.  They arrived in Chicago on a weekend, short of cash.  Dillinger was cocky, and feeling invulnerable (page 186, Public Enemies by Brian Burrough).  He had stolen bonds that he wanted to exchange for cash, but that would take some time to set up a transfer.  The quick solution was to rob a bank.  Before we get deep into this story, let us take a quick look at his precession-corrected Tropical Solar Return for 1933, cast for East Chicago, IL (not his location at the time of the Solar Return but the location for the event we will be examining).

NEW John 1933 SR-J

Most notable about this June 22, 1933 p.c. Solar Return was t/Sun-n/Sun at the IC angle; clearly his life was going to take a major new direction this year.  Of lesser influence is the t/Mars near the Desc. opposing n/Jupiter near the Asc. angle.  Mars opposite Jupiter is the Greedy Grabber pattern.  Being behind the angles we can tweak our greedy-grabber statement to indicate that Mars/action was his work, and that wealth/opportunity was his hidden goal.  

While looking at this chart, lets examine the natal chart of the inner wheel.  Sun conjoins Neptune; Dillinger has an unreal view of life and his place in the community (natal 11th).  A T-Square pattern of n/Jupiter squaring the opposition between n/Uranus and n/Pluto relates to him seeking opportunities and fortune by the sudden application of force; Jupiter being related to banks, Pluto relating to brutal force. Uranus to impetuousness.   Saturn was on his Descendant angle, a tough position making it easier for him to dislike others.

t/Uranus conjoins his n/MC, mirroring the n/Uranus near the MC of the Solar Return chart.  His individuality was going to be on display this year.

On January 15, 1934, Dillinger chose a bank in East Chicago to provide him with some quick cash.  A driver, unidentified, was left with the automobile across from the bank while Dillinger and Hamilton entered the bank.  At the announcement of “This is a stick up, raise your hands,” the bank’s Vice President activated a silent alarm at the police station a few blocks away.   Dillinger kept bank employees and customers under watch as Hamilton emptied all the money he could find into a large leather case.   As they were finishing, they noticed Police and plain-clothes men gathering outside the banks front door.   Dillinger was not worried, believing that he could handle anything.  With employees and customers in front of them, they stepped out onto the street and confronted the police.  Nothing happened until one of the police called to one of the bank employees that he knew.  The man Dillinger was holding turned, briefly exposing Dillinger.  A police officer shot Dillinger, hitting him in his bullet proof vest.  Dillinger had never been shot before and reacted by shooting the Police officer, killing him.  All hell broke loose as gun shots poured from the ranks of the police.  Dillinger and Hamilton ran and dived into the getaway car.  Hamilton was hit but the car managed to escape with lots of bullet holes but other wise unscathed.

NEW John 1-15-1934-J

The chart above is for the date of the bank robbery and Dillinger’s first killing.  When we first look at the chart, we note t/Neptune near the MC, squaring t/Mercury in the 7th house;  Neptune symbolizes confusion, a lack of clarity, notoriety and crowds — all of this present this date.   In the context of how Dillinger ran his life, n/Mercury was part of a midpoint pattern of n/Pluto=n/Mercury, n/Sun.  Ebertin  views this pattern as; one who makes grand plans, plays to the crowd, and acts decisively.  We noted earlier that n/Neptune conjoined n/Sun — we have a doubled up Neptune, signifying lots of confusion.

In our present day and age we astrologers know that we have heavy outer planet alignments in the heavens now and during the spring and summer.  Carefully note that there is also a heavy grand cross in this daily chart:  t/Jupiter at 22 Libra opposes t/Uranus and n/MC in Aries, squaring the opposition of t/Mercury, t/Moon, t/Sun to t/Pluto in Cancer.  Now, all we need is something to activate the Sun in order to trigger this whole grand cross.  We have such a trigger.

Those of you who have followed my form of astrology will probably remember something which I invented called the CD or Co-Descendant.  Taking the arc-distance from the MC to the Ascendant, we move westward in the chart from the MC an equal distance (often somewhere near the Descendant) and find a point which represents the same arc in degrees.   In this chart, that CD point is 29 Gemini, conjoining n/Sun.  The Sun is triggered.  The CD represents where external forces appear to enter our life and mess things up.  The CD makes the MC the midpoint between the Ascendant (action) and the CD point (cause or interference) and prompts us to act differently, to change our plans.  In this case, the normally cool and collected Dillinger just plain over-reacted, killing a Police officer.  If he had kept the hostages in front of him he likely could have escaped.  Remember, the close-by police station led to the police running down to the bank.  They did not have cars nearby to pursue Dillinger.  The fact that Dillinger did escape was pure luck, something he seemed to have plenty of.

Dillinger’s chart is so different from Clyde Barrows chart.  Dillinger acted with intent,  Barrow just acted.  Dillinger’s charts are intense.  Barrows charts are inconclusive as if he wasn’t really part of anyone’s life, just flitting out leaving trouble in his wake.  Dave

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  1. dadsnook says:

    Thank you. Dillinger was a product of the great economic depression, especially in the middle western states as the Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Missourri, etc. area is called. A combination of cities and towns spread apart by backwoods and agricultural lands plus the lack of coordination between state and local law agencies made it easy to rob and flee without fear of being caught. In Dillinger’s case, when he was caught he escaped. Dave


  2. exactly the co-ascendant,at the 290o of Gemini is connected to Intrigues, scams, probably living at the expense of others.Definitely Dillinger is not someone you can trust.hypocritical,constant changes.Unscrupulous, brutal, and cunning character ready for anything in order to reach one’s ends.Love your articles!


    • dadsnook says:

      I seldom refer to degree symbol meanings. Yet, I am often surprised at how apt they are. My RIYAL software, which I use for Solar Returns and daily charts, has three set of symbolic degrees that can be called upon. It is probably my loss that I don’t use that resource. Thanks for following my blog and for your comments. Dave


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