Bonnie & Clyde gun photo 6 We will now return to Clyde Barrow and his girl-friend Bonnie.  In recent posts we saw that Clyde acted without any chart significators being activated on the days of robbing and killing.  We know from historical references that he acted like he did not have a care in the world, being spontaneous, not self-directed. Compared to Dillinger’s charts, which were very high energy charts, Clyde was like a care-free or uncaring person flitting from one scene in life to another.  In this photo we see Bonnie pointing a rifle at Clyde in front of their  current car.  This photo was taken by another gang member and found its way to the newspapers where this notorious pair was latter turned into a legend by an economic-weary public who blamed the banks for their lack of money and jobs.  We will look at November 30, 1932 when Barrow attempted his first bank robbery in Orinoco, Missouri, near Joplin.  With a partner, they entered the bank and ran into a gunfight.  Not every bank guard was caught asleep at the point of a robbery attempt.   They managed to escape with only $80 in cash, hardly enough to carry them through a couple of days of spending.  We will look at his Progressed Daily Angles chart for this date, Nov. 30, 1932.

Clyed PDA 11-30-1932-J

Again, a quick glance doesn’t indicate much.  Yet, t/Sun is at the MC (3 degrees sep’n) and is the closest angular planet — not as close as one would expect for a serious event in a person’s life.  By itself this pattern represents one being incisive, acting to be recognized and to achieve something important to him/her self.  Nearby t/Mercury in the 10th points to moving, travel, quick actions consistent with Barrow’s mindset on this particular day.

With this small amount of angular activity we have to look for more.  n/MC is at the Asc. angle of this chart (separated by 9 degrees, again not really what one would look for).  The fast-moving angles will catch up with this n/MC within a week.  For now we can treat this as a “supportive” condition.  In my book, Personal Prediction, angles contacting angles are important in cyclic charts — we might say that Barrow was in the spotlight, that he was in a period of his life where he felt he had to justify what he was all about.  Robbing banks seemed more lucrative than robbing stores.

So, we have the t/MC and n/MC tied together.  Let’s hopscotch over to n/Sun in the first house of life and action.  This natal pattern of Sun roughly at the midpoint of Venus and Saturn (Sun = Venus/Saturn) indicates a natural disposition of being unsatisfied about what he desires and any strategies he has for getting what he wants.   We can expect that he will always be unsatisfied when either natal/transiting Sun comes to an angle in conjunction with an event.  This is like a cosmic set-up for failure or a lack of success.  

Along these same lines, we should not that n/MC opposes n/Jupiter; Barrow would always be looking for a new, big opportunity.  On this date, t/Mars was transiting n/Jupiter bringing into action the ‘greedy grabber’ expression.  He would try for more than he needed or wanted.   With n/Saturn squaring n/Neptune, ideas, ideals, and strategies would be seldom worked out well and would be subject to change.

Given that so much of Clyde Barrows life-events are “low powered” we will look next time at an event that should offer a stronger chart for him.  Can we say that Clyde Barrow was bad at what he was best at?  Dave


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