Pistorius: A Day In Court For A Night In Hell

Oscar Photo in court

On March 3, 2014, a little over a year following the Valentine’s Day killing of his girlfriend, Oscar Pistorius found him self in court at the trial for his alleged crime started.  In previous posts we had followed the escapades of Clyde Barrow of ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ fame and had noted that his murders of shop keepers during robberies seemed to have had no consequence in his chart, it was as if those affairs were incidental to him, not to be bothered about.  When we looked at one of Dillinger’s charts we found a great deal of symbolism at the chart angles.  Murder is usually something that upsets the rhythm of life and shows in the personality and conduct of the murderer.  We will look at Pistorius’ charts for the date of the murder (again, after a year away from this subject) and for the start of his trial for that murder.

New PDA 2-24-2013-J

This chart represents the day Oscar Pistorius killed his girlfriend by shooting four shots through a bath room door.  Three of those shots hit his girlfriend; one in the head (killing her), one in the body, one in the hand.   The room was very small, containing only a toilet so there was nowhere to hide so as to avoid the following shots.  Pistorius claimed he believed he was shooting at an intruder.  

We first note the cluster of natal (inner ring) planets in the 10th near the MC; the fated n/Pluto and n/MC (one will stand out because of dramatic actions/events) bracketed by n/Venus and n/Sun; Pistorius’ desires and willful intent is all mixed up with his public and tragic image.  In these cyclic Progressed Daily Angles charts, the angles move about 1.25 degrees per day.  This MC angle will advance to the n/MC and n/Pluto in about a week’s time.  Remember, it took the police awhile to charge Pistorius with murder.

n/Moon at the Desc. angle; Pistorius has to deal with another person(s) which causes him emotional distress (the square to n/Venus).  This Moon-square-Venus pattern relates to his attitude and mood-swings.  He couldn’t have been an easy man to love.  When we play astrological hopscotch and jump our attention to t/Moon in the 3rd square t/Pluto in the 12th we find that day heightening his emotional levels to a crises point.  The midpoint of this t/Moon square t/Pluto finds the t/Sun and n/Mars; Oscar’s wilfulness and intent was fueled by his assertiveness — this midpoint squares his n/Sun; his natural aggressive nature comes into play.

It appears clear to me that Oscar overacted, most likely willfully and aggressively due to an emotional state between he and his girlfriend.  The unthinking, emotional act has now placed him into a thoughtful and unemotional setting where he and his attitude and actions will be examined. 

Oscar PDA 3-03-2014-J

As Oscar Pistorius’ trial starts we find highly appropriate symbolism in his Progressed Daily Angles chart for March 3, 2014.  n/MC and n/Mercury at the Desc. angle; the talk about his status and image will be conducted by others.  Hopscotch over to MC conjoined by t/Mercury; his status and public image is being talked about, examined.  Note that n/Asc. is in the 9th house; he is within a court of law — a ninth house situation.

Again, we can look at his natal chart.  Mercury squares his Ascendant.  His words, his movements and travels will always tend to attract attention as movement (Mercury) becomes a life-focus.  MC and Pluto is not a comfortable combination.  Momentous things/events happen relative to his public life and ambitions.  n/Jupiter squares his n/Saturn; his “business of life” is followed by strife and challenges.  On the date of the murder, t/Pluto squared his n/N.Node; upsets in his relationship with another.  T/Sun squares his n/Jupiter–n/Saturn square; his intentions and life direction will face a challenge.  Once we start bouncing around the chart, finding doubled up planets and hopping from the angular planets and squared-planets we find all kinds of helpful insights into his tragic situation.  This situation will play out over the next few months, it will not be over quickly in terms of the trial, sentencing and appeals.  Dave


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