Oscar Pistorius: Will This Trial Delay Help Him or Hurt Him?

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The photographers were lined up along the sidewalk outside of the iron fence in front of the court-house as Oscar Pistorius arrived on the morning of March 28, 2014. This was the expected day when he would testify in his own defense. A delay in proceedings was announced due to an illness of one of two assistants to the judge. With no jury trials being held in South Africa, the Judge and his assistants assess the pro’s and con’s and the Judge makes the decision. Monday, April 7 will see the resumption of the trial.

What might have happened had the trial proceeded on March 28th? The Advanced chart for Oscar Pistorius is shown below.


It had previously been noted (last posting) that t/Sun and t/Uranus was at the Desc. angle, squaring n/Neptune. The t/Sun moves almost as fast as the advancing angles, making this aspect a many-day aspect—this would mark an excellent period in which to recount his story about the killing of his girlfriend but the pattern itself is too stretched out to be useful in terms of timing.  With the t/Sun passing from the square to n/Neptune, a better chance for clarity was developing. Angular contact is more pronounced when applying than when separating. t/Part of Fortune (t/PoF) opposes t/Moon and t/Neptune; “Change and chance” is affected by an emotional recounting. We have both natal/Neptune (angular) and transiting/Neptune involved. With a jury, high emotions might play in favor of the defendant. With a judge and two skilled legal minds assisting him, it is likely that fanciful recounts would likely be explored deeply and not be so effective in terms of swaying a verdict. It seems that t/PoF opposing t/Moon typically points to one hiding from or distancing themselves from an issue. How was Pistorius planning on spinning his story? Did he have a new twist to his story as it has been previously promoted in the media?

Since the t/PoF is involved in an aspect with t/Moon (both primary indicators in a Moon-to-Sun Return), we need to consider the n/PoF squared by t/Pluto in the 4th and t/Jupiter in the 10th, and opposed by n/N.Node in the 7th. This complex pattern breaks down in this manner:  1) t/Jupiter opposed by t/Pluto signifies a desire to maintain control and power.  2) The link to the n/N.Node brings in to play an appeal to a great many to gain public support.  3) We have to first consider that we have two natal components (PoF and the N.Node) in conflict with two transiting components (Jupiter and Pluto). Pistorius has always taken a chance to rally public support, to be in the public eye — is he counting on popular support to somehow sway the judge?  4) Consider t/Mars conjoining t/N.Node. Pistorius’ passion will likely again focus upon gathering public opinion to his side. This might seem to be a risky plan in front of a legally trained judge.

Keeping all of this in mind, let us see what the charts indicate for April 7, 2014, when the trial resumes.
PistoriusOscarOscarMoppS4-03-2014This Moon-opposite-Sun Return from the 10th to the 4th house has a theme, ” One’s home or personal values are open for assessment or negotiation. Support comes from a team or another close to you. Expansion of the family in some way. Work and home life merge or create conflicts in resources or efforts. How to balance public and private lives.” The underlined portion of this generic theme statement seem to apply here. It would seem that his defense team has a strategy or witnesses to back up his natural tendency to play to the public.  Before we assess this chart, let’s look at how the South Africa media is portraying or explaining this unfortunate event.

Oscar Photo event depiction

This Google-graphic (not sourced) depicts many of the issues that Oscar will have to address after his Defense team tries to cast these in a clear and reasonable manner.

What is of most concern in this t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return chart is n/MC and n/Mercury at the chart’s IC. This singular angular pattern often indicates a major life-challenge, the end of one career or situation and the start of another. We need to examine other factors before coming to any conclusions!

t/PoF opposes n/Jupiter, squares n/Saturn. The n/Jupiter in an opening square to n/Saturn suggests that Pistorius will fight to determine his own style of conducting his personal “business of life.” He is his own man, he has great self-pride (as evidenced by his success despite being handicapped among Olympic athletes).

This chart teaches us something critical about cyclic charting: Sometimes a chart only has a single short story to tell. To get to the rest of the story we have to look at another time, another page in the subject’s life. The life story DOES NOT COME IN A SINGLE CHART as many astrologers who deal in natal chart reading believe. Let us advance this chart to April 7, 2014 when the trial is expected to resume.


n/Moon at the April 7th Ascendant; A highly reactive day. Perhaps the week’s wait has brought a case of “nerves” upon Oscar. t/Moon and t/Jupiter conjoin in the 12 house, opposed by t/Pluto and squared by t/Uranus and t/Sun, and squaring by n/PoF and t/Mars. This is a “super” pattern in the sense of suggesting great challenges, anger management, confrontation. What is this all about? If Pistorius is to testify, he may play to the public audience but he has to first deal with making the best positioning of his case before the judge AND also has to contend with severe cross-examination by the prosecuting attorneys — this latter being the source of great contention, threat and danger. So, lets look at these patterns again, a piece of the puzzle at a time.

1)  t/Sun, t/Uranus opposing t/Mars; This fits in with the Prosecution’s theme that Pistorius can’t manage his anger and its flare ups when something doesn’t fit his view of the world.  2) Note that n/Mars squares n/Sun — this is part of his basic character, finding a way to deal with conflict. The fact that he is in this situation indicates that he has failed in this karmic test. It is not just the horrible situation of having killed his girlfriend with a gun, his whole life has been a seeking to prove himself under adverse conditions, to prevail — in some cases he succeeded, in other cases he has failed. He is facing the consequences of one such failure now.

3) Another key factor in these Moon-to-Sun charts is the t/PoF. t/PoF conjoins the n/MC, and squares n/Moon at this day’s Ascendant angle. His personal status is being challenged, this will bring him great anxiety. 4) His natural sense of taking a chance (n/PoF) is challenged by t/Sun indicating a legal authority (the Prosecutor). Now, the Prosecutor is not likely to play a direct role in the trial on this particular day BUT the Defense team will be well aware that the Prosecutor is taking notes, the Defense will need to “position” Pistorius very carefully so that he is best presented in the most favorable light. They are likely to be overly detailed and repetitive in the presentation.

5) With the n/Moon so significant at the daily Ascendant, we look to t/Moon and t/Jupiter opposing t/Pluto; This looks like an “opportunity seeking social acceptance” or a “public ploy to take control of a situation.”  6) When we fold in t/Uranus, we get the sense that the Defense team will make Oscar’s whole life-character the basis of his actions on that fateful night a year ago. His very nature, his competitive character, his great pride in himself, his conflicted feeling of being helpless that terrible night due to his lack of mobility, the dark, the availability of a weapon, etc. will all be developed through Defense questioning him, following one tedious step at a time. We are looking here at the Defense strategy that will be put in place on this date.

If we return our attention to the shooting graphic, we can immediately see a source for many of the story elements that are hard to comprehend.  Was his girlfriend first shot in the leg outside of the bathroom door?  How and why did blood show up on the cricket bat?  How did the number of holes in the door line up with the actual number of shots from the gun?  How do the body wounds match up with the door holes?  Was the violence contained within the toilet area or did it include the bedroom?

So, what is next? The chart indicates that the next angular activity will be in 7 or 8 days when the Ascendant advances to opposes the n/Asc. This might be when the Prosecutor gets their chance to question Pistorius’ statements. In some 12 days or so the IC angle would advance to n/Sun BUT by then we are into another Moon-to-Sun cycle and another chart will prevail.  It will be interesting to see how much time and detail is required to lay out an easy-to-understand sequence and reasoning of events that will serve Pistorius’ needs and forestall a Prosecutor’s relentless re-casting of those events into a damning story that can place Oscar into an environment where running is no longer possible.

If you feel that the small formatting changes (shaded, smaller charts), use of diagrams and detailed commentary are beneficial to understanding how cyclic charting clarifies events and situations, please leave a comment or “like” this post so I can judge whether the extra work and time is justified.  Dave













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