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Jerry Lewis As Seen Through Diurnal Glasses

For those looking for current events about public figures, this post may disappoint you.  I’m covering the same people and event as the last post except that I’ll be using a Diurnal chart.  Diurnal charts are also cyclic charts.  The prior … Continue reading

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Martin & Lewis; Early Years TV & Movie Comedy

The war was a decade behind us and the new entertainment medium of TV was here.  The movies of Hollywood were still going strong.  Two laugh-a-minute comedians of that golden (?) age were Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.  Slapstick comedy … Continue reading

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Meb Keflezghi (you remember him, don’t you) Wins Boston Marathon

Meb Keflezghi, an American citizen, wins the Boston Marathon.  The first American in decades, Meb crossed the finish line first as Boston celebrated its recovery from the 2013 bombing as well as a west-coast citizen winning this race.  Meb had immigrated … Continue reading

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Pistorius the Cryer, Nels the Nitpicker

Pistorius has completed his direct testimony to the Prosecutor, Nels. The defense team will now direct the next part of the trial.  Today, April 16th, found Pistorius continuing to cry his way through his answers, Nels continuing nit-picking away at … Continue reading

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Pistorius Under Relentless Questioning

The first two days of this week, April 7th and 8th, found Pistorius weeping in response to his lawyer’s questions about the night of the shooting of his girlfriend.  We had noted this as an expected ploy a couple of … Continue reading

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Oscar Pistorius: Flooding The Court With His Tears

What would we expect a chart to show for a public event such as a confessing killer seeking to excuse his deadly act on the basis of being afraid and vulnerable in his own home?  The astrological chart being used … Continue reading

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John Boehner; Between A Rock And A Hard Place

John Boehner is the Speaker of the House, the leader of the Republican Party in the only branch of government that the party controls.  As such, he is the face of opposition to the primary achievement of the Democrats in the … Continue reading

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