John Boehner & the Affordable Healthcare Act

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In the United States, 2014 is seen as a mid-term election year.  The President is not up for reelection but the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate will be elected.  One key to understanding and following this year’s politics will be John Boehner, Speaker of the House.  His Republican Party does control the house, the Democrats control the Senate and the Presidency.   The polarization between the ideology of the two major political parties has essentially stalled change and progress during the past decade — and may continue to do so for the next two years.

John Boehner’s birth time is not recorded, available data gives only a “noon” birth time.  A few weeks ago Boehner was interviewed on a night-time TV talk show and was asked about his obvious use of a tanning salon to maintain his famous “tanned” appearance.  He noted that he did not indulge in a tanning bed, that he did not haunt Florida’s many golf courses to soak up the sun.  He was always the “dark” one in family photo’s, different from the rest of the family.  A big hint for an astrologer.  What would his chart look like with Saturn on the Ascendant — a well-known signature of people having a darker-than-typical skin complexion?


This is Boehner’s natal chart with a rectified birth time of 1:53 am, Nov. 17th, 1949.

Boenher has strong ties to his home, he mows his lawn and tends the grounds (Saturn things), goes home often and sees Ohio as his home.  There are interesting features in this chart for us to examine.  We note the pairings of Mars & Saturn, Moon & Neptune, Sun & Mercury.

Saturn, Mars at/near the Ascendant suggests a melancholic appearance, a sense of pugnaciousness, the dark appearance and the demeanor of one who is long-suffering, patient, indefatigable, enduring of periods of weakness alternated with periods of ruthless actions.  Many tests of strength and disputes are associated with this pattern.

Moon and Neptune is associated with sensitivity to others, having an inner view of the world and its needs, the ability to paint a vision which can be shared with others, with crying and bouts of dismay as well as having an idealistic outlook on life. We see these qualities often articulated as part of his political persona.  We can also note that when the Moon conjoins the South Node that one often is seen as a complainer rather than as one who does something.

Sun and Mercury is seen as having a highly singular view of life, one who can articulate a view and gives great thought to what is said.  Having a consistent focus is a common trait with this pattern.

We can develop further views of John Boehner utilizing phase relationships.  Sun-Moon is in the Prophet phase:  One seeks to harvest results, to serve others, to prepare for help to expedite change.  One might also ignore trends, conserve ones efforts and exposure to criticism, to protect oneself from attack.  We can see these qualities in Boehner.   Saturn-Jupiter (130 degrees) is still in the Activist phase (90 to 135) and indicates one who will shape actions and events to suit themselves rather than be as open to what others want.  Struggle, inconsistency, and the adoption of new motives and means to achieve what one wants is all part of this pattern.  Jupiter-Mercury is in the Changer phase (270-315 degrees separation) wherein one tends to challenge both themselves and others to bring about changes that affect many for the better.  However, one can also tend to rest upon past successes and to avoid making decisions.

We have, with these brief observations, a pretty substantive view of Boehner’s basic personality.  In following posts we will look first at his relationship to the Affordable Healthcare Act which, on March 30, 2014, achieved 7.1 million sign-ups by those who have not previously had health care insurance.  Boehner has been one of the faces of opposition to this now-established-for-four-years law.  The topic of continuing efforts to repeal this now entrenched law seems to be one of the primary message-elements that will be invoked in these upcoming mid-term elections.

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