John Boehner; Between A Rock And A Hard Place

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John Boehner is the Speaker of the House, the leader of the Republican Party in the only branch of government that the party controls.  As such, he is the face of opposition to the primary achievement of the Democrats in the past five years.  The subject of universal health care for the U.S. population is of profound interest to everyone.  The provision of access to health care, the promise of fairer access and basic benefits is something that most will want to retain now that they have it.  Opposing its existence and proposing to eradicate it seems to be a long-range defeatist option.  This singular issue is likely to shape much of the political dialogue over the next three years covering the 2014 mid-term elections and the 2016 national and Presidential election.  In this post I will compare the rectified chart for John Boehner and the signing of the Affordable Healthcare Act on March 23, 2010.


The signing Moon on the Ascendant opposed Pluto and squared the Sun in the 10th on signing day!  This was a powerful signature; public concerns were addressed and transformed, the very nature of the Affordable Healthcare Act (the Sun) represented the high goals set out.  This T-square was actually a grand-cross due to Saturn and the Part of Fortune in the 4th!  The structure of the Act changed everything!  By “everything” I mean the whole political environment.  Consider the personal Sun and Moon opposed by the bad guys of the zodiac, Saturn and Pluto.  We can twist these symbols around to represent many things but the primary thrust of this grand-cross seems to be personal concerns of the people versus transforming social constructs.

Consider John Boehner’s role in this signing of the Affordable Healthcare Act.  The t/Moon conjoins his Uranus at the Signing-event’s Ascendant, realization strikes, “he” has to react to this situation.  t/Uranus opposes Boehner’s Ascendant;  the situation becomes an “oppositional” challenge to him as the leader of his party.  Boehner’s N.Node opposes his Neptune along the signing chart’s 11th-to-5th cusp; he takes on a “social vision” that is challenged by love and personal values — Venus in the 7th.  This is a vision, a political stance, that seems to run against personal values — or it is a packaged story to serve a political purpose.  When we deal with today’s politics in the U.S. we seem unable to trust the core values of our astrological symbols — politics is a distorting process.  Nothing is as it seems.  The opposition story to health care could be seen as a distorting lie.  Now my bias may be showing.  Boehner’s Moon squares his Venus; his emotional basis, his vision is at cross purposes to his values.  Or, we could say, his public persona (Moon) of having high ideals (Neptune) that struggle to deal with his held values (Venus) causes him anguish and the portrayal of a man caught between a rock and a hard place. 

Boehner’s Mars opposes the signing Jupiter at the MC; he is against the benefits of the Affordable Healthcare Act.  It appears to me that Boehner has been placed into the position of leading the public opposition to the Obama’s signature accomplishment and that he is not comfortable in this role.  Given the placement of his rectified Saturn at his Ascendant, this is a role he is destined to take on.  It is not pleasant for him,  As a politician he is dealing with the situation he has been given.

My purpose in bringing his chart and predicament forward at this time is to familiarize us with him and his chart because he will be increasingly involved in U.S. politics over the next several months.  Dave




















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