Oscar Pistorius: Flooding The Court With His Tears

Oscar Photo crying

What would we expect a chart to show for a public event such as a confessing killer seeking to excuse his deadly act on the basis of being afraid and vulnerable in his own home?  The astrological chart being used has to reflect the reality of this event.

Following a one-week delay in the trial due to a court official being ill, the trial of Oscar Pistorius resumed with Oscar taking the stand in his own defense.  So far his testimony has been one of extreme remorse, tears, wailing and a sobbing apology to the parents of his former girlfriend.  Hopefully, but doubtfully, the trial will soon continue with some actual or claimed factual statements.  Of this I am doubtful because the expression of over-done remorse is one of the key strategies of the defense team.  Lots of sorrow to deflect the hard questions and conflicts of facts that need to be addressed.   Let us first look at Pistorius’ t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return for April 3rd, 2014 which occurred during the trial recess.


t/Moon in the 10th opposses n/Sun in the 4th.  The theme for this is “One’s personal values are open for assessment or negotiation. Support comes from a team or another close to you.  Expansion of the family in some way.  Work and home life merge or create conflicts in resources or efforts.  How to balance public and private lives.”  I have underlined the phrases that directly relate to this specific situation.  We cannot overlook t/Sun, t/Uranus square t/Jupiter, opposing t/Pluto in the 9-12-6 mental houses; a high-stakes game is being played out as Pistorius seeks to portray his individual case and intent (Sun, Uranus) struggling (square) with the justice system (Jupiter) and a transformative situation (Pluto).  His individual case his reflective of many other challenges now being seen in the world under these powerful heavenly patterns.

t/Part of Fortune opposes n/Jupiter, squares n/Saturn/Uranus; the social structure around him (n/Saturn/Uranus) is being shattered (square to PoF) by the confusion and chaos of the trial’s revelations and claims.  Emotions will run high if we are to believe in n/Moon in the 1st, being approached by the Ascendant angle.


This chart (left) is for April 8, 2014, the second day of the resumed trial, marked by much continued wailing, crying and extreme remorse.  That, plus an apology to the parent of his former girlfriend who he has murdered.

This chart reflects the court situation as we would expect it to do!  Most evident is t/Moon conjoining the Asc. and n/Moon; extreme emotions reflecting personal anguish.  How about t/Sun conjoining n/N.Node; Oscar, himself, (t/Sun) is dealing with an associate (n/N.Node).  Ebertin, in his Combination of Stellar Influences, a book defining his midpoint system, identifies the N.Node as representing associates, a view I have found to be highly appropriate during my last 40 years of practice.  This t/Sun, n/N.Node is opposed by t/Mars, n/PoF;  this association and his identity is being attacked in a manner which is upsetting.   Playing astrological hopscotch, we jump over to t/PoF conjoining n/Mercury and squaring the n/Asc.; Oscar’s words may not fit well with his actions, suggesting confusion and twisting of the facts.  Could this “slanted” interpretation be true?  Take note of t/Venus, t/Neptune in the 8th; a vision of ones’ love/desire might be misconstrued or misrepresented.  Hop over to n/Venus and n/Neptune in a sextile relationship; it is easy to paint a picture to suit the moment, lies come easily.   We can’t overlook or forget the t-square between t/Uranus and t/Jupiter opposite t/Pluto — these are desperate times for many, particularly Oscar Pistorius.

By next week, the t/PoF will be at t/Pluto, triggering the t-square, t/Moon will then be opposing t/Uranus, doubling up this critical sky-pattern.  By then the crying phrase will be over and the hard questions will have to be faced.





























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