Pistorius Under Relentless Questioning

Nel interrogatingThe first two days of this week, April 7th and 8th, found Pistorius weeping in response to his lawyer’s questions about the night of the shooting of his girlfriend.  We had noted this as an expected ploy a couple of weeks ago when the trial was delayed a week. On April 9th, 10th, and 11th much of that changed as Prosecutor Nels took the podium and started blitzing Pistorius with tough questions.  We might say that his approach was relentless.     The chart for April 9, 2014 is shown below.


Given the current celestial patterns, please note the Grand Cross of Uranus-Pluto-Mars-Jupiter at the cusps of the 9th, 12th, 3rd and 6th houses. The tensions felt across the whole world at this time are also an acute part of Pistorius’ experiences.  The t/Asc. conjoins, but is leaving, the n/Moon position; the crying will soon be diminished.  t/Moon opposes n/Asc. in the 7th house; another will discount or discourage the emotional state of Oscar Pistorius.  t/Part of Fortune conjoins n/Sun; Pistorius’ character and life-style is subject to excessive challenges.  Playing astrological hopscotch, we jump over to t/Mars conjoing n/PoF in the 3rd; “chance and change” is being aggressively pursued — the questions are probing for inconsistencies.  Jumping back to t/PoF we take note of the square to n/Mars.   With t/PoF conjoining n/Sun and t/Sun being part of the grand cross pattern affecting the whole world, we can see that the whole world of Oscar Pistorius is caving in on him.  Let us jump over to the chart for Friday, April 11th:


A few things have changed in the two days between these charts.  t/Moon opposes t/Venus, t/Neptune;  public perception is caught between feeling empathy and connected-ness to Pistorius’ story (Venus, Neptune).  t/Sun is separating from n/N.Node and moving into the 9th; clarity and truth is being sought.  Note that t/Sun is 3 degrees past n/N.Node but still 7 degrees/day before its opposition to t/N.Node.  We can expect something ‘truthful’ or revealing to emerge at the end of next week.  We will look for that surprise!

t/Mars is closing, retrograde, to n/PoF; will the prosecutor’s aggressiveness find something beneficial to Pistorius or will Pisotrius’ demeanor and temper reveal some of his erratic nature?  t/PoF conjoins n/Uranus; Pistorius’ reputation and community status (natal 11th house) can be upset and subject to being shifted by this day’s questions.

All in all this has been a tough week, a lot is hanging in the balance as the probing of Oscar’s state-of-mind and actual actions and facts are deeply torn apart.  Contradictions in Pistorius’ testimony have started to be questioned.  From the trial reports, we note:

  1. Did the shooting take place after an argument.  Neighbors heard shouting.  Pistorius denies arguments or hearing any screams.
  2. Pistorius heard the toilet door opening prior to shooting,  Why did he not wait to see who it was.  He said he was prepared to shoot, and then he “just shot the gun.” This contradicted earlier statements.
  3. Nels accuses Pistorius as resorting to crying as a means of avoiding tough questions.
  4. With questions about alarm repairs, Pistorius claims fatigue as a reason for finding it hard to answer specific questions.  He later claims that being tired will not affect his answers.  He then goes on to correct the Prosecutor when a mistake is made about some facts.  All this casts doubt on how Pistorius is answering questions.

We will pick up more on this and perhaps revisit the chart of the murder night to see if answers can be found there.  Dave.
























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