Pistorius the Cryer, Nels the Nitpicker

Oscar worried

Pistorius has completed his direct testimony to the Prosecutor, Nels. The defense team will now direct the next part of the trial.  Today, April 16th, found Pistorius continuing to cry his way through his answers, Nels continuing nit-picking away at Oscar’s testimony.  Did Oscar shoot because he hear the bath door opening?  No, it was probably the rack for magazines.  Pistorius said he thought it was the door, so he shot.  Well, he didn’t intend to shoot, the gun just went off.  But the door didn’t open, why was he so afraid, so eager to shoot?  Let us look at the Advanced chart for this date, April 16th.


This Advanced chart has t/Sun at the 9th cusp, shining light on the truth.  Just behind the t/Sun is t/Mercury, part of a grand cross pattern with t/Jupiter, t/Pluto and t/Mars.  This pattern is in the four suceeding houses indicating a contention that might not be directly solved, but which will continue to be fought out.  Let us look to the t/Moon and t/PoF.

t/Moon conjoins n/Pluto, n/MC, n/Mercury; a worrying situation of seeking to control and shape the arguments-at-hand and their impact on Pistorius’ status.  It’s all words at this point, being in the 3rd house  t/PoF at 26 Aquaius squares n/Sun and conjoins n/Mars; Pistorius is defending the “chance and change” of the trial’s questions and impact on his character.   Now, we should also note t/Moon squaring n/Moon; how “natural” are these crying sessions due to emotional upset.  With Mercury involved (n/Mercury) Pistorius’ mind seems to be directing this emotionalism.  With t/Mercury and the grand cross being involved by association, there is extreme tension for Pistorius.  A brief history of the trial should be recounted:

  • The relationship between Pistorius and Steenkamp has been deeply questioned.
  • Pistorius’ testimony has raised many questions, first starting with his “we went to bed around 10 pm, whereas physical evidence suggests Steenkamp had eaten around 1 pm.
  • Witnesses heard shots, then screams, then shots from outside the house, conflicting with Pistorius’ statements of only hearing a noise in the bathroom and instinctively shooting without meaning to.
  • The Defense team focuses upon mis-steps by the Forensic team, saying that the States whole case is wrong and inept.
  • Pistorius says he didn’t intend to shoot.  It just happened.
  • The bath door had remained closed.  It didn’t open.  Why did he have to shoot?  Why didn’t he just call out, instead?
  • Why had he carried his dead girlfriend downstairs and outside instead of calling for help, for the police?

Everything will change starting tomorrow, April 17th.  


This 11th house t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return brings a shift in the trial’s character and mood.”  We can offer a generic theme: ” Contributing to joint ventures having a public benefit or impact.  Training others, supporting creative efforts of others. Launching or completing a financial venture.  Teamwork.  Changes in the financial structure of a career.  Seeking to include others in the community.  The underlined words of this generic book theme seem most relevant.

t/Sun at the IC points to a new start for Pistorius as the spotlight shifts away from him in a direct sense.  t/Sun opposes t/N.Node on the MC-IC axis; this is a time to firm up his character and reputation.  n/Moon opposes the Asc.; Pistorius is still seeking support and empathy from others and will likely play to the court through his posture and appearance as he watches the trial proceedings.  t/PoF squares the t/Moon-n/Sun position and opposes t/Neptune; There will not be an easy re-balancing of the case for/against him.  We can expect conflicting witnesses to keep things up in the air and uncertain.

In summary, tomorrow’s t/Moon-to-n/Sun chart and cycle will be more comfortable for Pistorius but the statements and overall balance of the trial will continue to shift with the testimony.  We will continue to follow the highlight days, but may interject another chart for another topic if no news is offered.  Dave


























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