Meb Keflezghi (you remember him, don’t you) Wins Boston Marathon

Meb wins at Boston photo

Meb Keflezghi, an American citizen, wins the Boston Marathon.  The first American in decades, Meb crossed the finish line first as Boston celebrated its recovery from the 2013 bombing as well as a west-coast citizen winning this race.  Meb had immigrated from Ethiopia, today known as Eritrea, moved to Mammoth Lakes, CA.  Meb won the Silver Medal at the 2004 Olympics, placed 4th in the 2012 Olympics, won the New York City Marathon in 2009, and has won many other races. Since there is no available birth time, it is necessary to use a “noon” chart and Moon-to-Sun Returns to examine this event.  I don’t feel comfortable using “angles” in this chart since we are looking at a birth in Africa, a move to California, and relocation of his noon-chart now to Boston.  Let us just see what the chart shows without considering the Asc. and MC angles.


With all current date charts, we have to take note of the Grand Cross that affects all/most of us.  In this chart we find t/Uranus opp. t/Mars and square t/Jupiter and t/Pluto.  Plus n/Jupiter conjoined by t/Uranus and n/Saturn conjoined by t/Jupiter.  With both Jupiter in play in this chart, there is a great deal of good fortune for Meb.  We can also note t/Venus with n/Moon; suggesting a public acclaim and affection for this American citizen’s role in this special Marathon.  The Moon-opposite-Sun-in-the-ninth-house theme doesn’t fit with this important event in Meb’s career.  My first choice would be for the Sun to be in the first house.  A possible second choice might be for the Sun to be in the eleventh house. I will have to examine this more closely to see what a different birth time would mean for the many recorded events in his career.


The Marathon day chart, and Meb’s win, is shown to the left.  We have to ask ourselves, “What has changed in this daily chart from the prior chart?”

The Grand-Cross is still there!  t/Moon now squares t/Mercury; This suggests an effort to control one’s nerves and maintain a firm balance in one’s approach to the race. Memories from past races, his experience, will aid him in managing this extreme physical struggle of 26.2 miles of running.

We also have t/Venus conjoining n/Mars; another indicator of “balance” and ‘poise.”  Since we can not be sure of the angles we cannot assess t/PoF opposite n/Neptune (indicating a dream within reach).  We might want to consider t/Sun opposite n/Uranus, given Uranus’ role in the grand-cross.  Again, this seems like another reason to experiment with some alternate “birth times” to see how this chart could be changed and how those changes work with his other successes.  Dave


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