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The war was a decade behind us and the new entertainment medium of TV was here.  The movies of Hollywood were still going strong.  Two laugh-a-minute comedians of that golden (?) age were Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.  Slapstick comedy was their game; Martin the singer, suave and condescending, and Lewis, the awkward, gullible and not-always-quite-bright-enough younger partner.  I’ll start their story at the end.  The end of their ten-year comedy act occurred on July 25, 1966 at the famed Copacabana Club in New York City.  The charts of Jerry Lewis will be examined in this post.

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Jerry was some 20 years younger than Dean Martin.  After the breakup of their partnership, Martin went on to become a “Crooner” type of singer and a member of the “Rat Pack” with Frank Sinatra and the Las Vegas crew.  Jerry Lewis pursued a movie and TV career and ended up hosting a Labor-Day TV Marathon every year, forever, it seems.  The monies he raised for children’s diseases was extraordinary.  Today, Jerry has faded a bit, remembered by those well into their adult years.

I wanted to shift coverage back to p.c. Solar Returns and their derived Progressed Daily Angles charts.  These charts typically present only one/two/few planets at the angles; it is only these components of the chart and their linkage to the natal chart that is used to make a reading.  With this form of cyclic charting we have to rely upon two key things: the following daily charts which present us with small portraits of the subject’s life, and a dialog with the subject — or in this case, with a public record.  Together these two factors tell as an accurate story.  If used ahead of time, they help us ‘predict’ coming events and the subject’s reactions to them.

The contrast to Moon-to-Sun Returns and Advanced charts is obvious.  Moon-to-Sun Returns provide a fuller and richer set of symbols to interpret.  The problem with “more” is that “more equals complexity.”  Each astrologer will choose the method that better suits their work style, or another method such as Diurnal charts.

Jerry SR 1966-J

p.c. Solar Return for Jerry Lewis, 1966.  New York City, New York.








t/Mercury opp. S/R Asc.; The symbol for words, speech, trickery and comedy, contracts tells us that this will be a major part of this annual period’s themes.  t/Mars opp. S/R Asc.; Mars has come to relate to more than anger and hurt, taking on command and stage presence, being a local force that others recognize.  Jerry Lewis could capture an audience in seconds with his plastic countenance, wild eye expressions, surprise coupled with confusion, eyebrows and mouth getting into the act as his head competed with the awkward movements of his body.  Meanwhile, Dean Martin would just step back, look, and then deflate him with a few choice words.  A supportive symbol would be n/MC at the Descendant; Lewis’ career would be affected by another.  Going further from the rule of angular planets only, we might choose to link n/Sun, n/Uranus with n/MC —- surprises (Uranus) relating to another male (Sun) and your work (MC) with him.  See how simplistic and straight forward the symbols are used along with the involved angles (the S/R Descendant, the natal MC).  My book, Personal Prediction, provides very specific angle to angle interpretations.  Here, for n/MC at s/DESC., we have “One is likely to be involved in coping with the actions of others that can impact your reputation or status.  Planets at an angle will suggest just how this coping may play out.  This can be a low point in your life due to the influence of another.”  All of this is very appropriate for the situation.  Angles-at-angles-interpretations is another tool that is offered for the first time in Personal Prediction.

Just what was happening this year?  After working closely together for ten years, reaching the pinnacle of comedy routines and popularity, this remarkable team was giving it up. The intensity of their work together had burnt them out. They performed three times that evening, Jerry appearing first with his comedy routine, Dean appearing later to sing his three songs.  Jerry pops in, “It’s nice that you cut down your songs to only eleven numbers.  I thought I’d have to shower again!”  The last show started at 2:30 am.  Then, it was truly over.  This ending was a matter of great concern to much of the American public.  Let us look at the Progressed Daily Angles chart for this date.

Jerry PDA 7-25-1966-J

Progressed Daily Angles chart for July 25, 1966 for Jerry Lewis and the end of his partnership with Dean Martin.






Ohh.  No angular planets!  What to do now.  One of the “tricks” that I have added to my charting/reading, which the Siderealists have never taken up, is the use of the CD point. The CD or Co-Descendant is a point defined by taking the Ascendant to MC arc and extending it from the MC toward the Descendant.  This turns the MC into a midpoint between the Ascendant and CD.  If a planet is at or aspecting the CD, that planet represents an intrusive force that requires the MC to adapt to how the Ascendant can manage the CD energies. 

In this case, the CD is at 28 Virgo and opposes n/MC, n/Uranus, n/Sun — the pattern that was on the Descendant angle of the Solar Return chart.  This prior-defined intent-individualism-career choices will seem to be imposed by another (the opposition aspect).

Thats it.  This simple factor tells us the story of this day for Jerry Lewis.  He and Dean were both concerned about how their careers would proceed as solo-performers.  Only time would tell.

So, this has been a good lesson in how this form of cyclic charting makes use of simplicity in order to have clarity.  But, the “missing” ingredient is dialog with subject or knowledge of the context of the subject’s life.  One cannot use cyclic charts without getting to “know” the subject.  Dave.

























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