Jerry Lewis As Seen Through Diurnal Glasses

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For those looking for current events about public figures, this post may disappoint you.  I’m covering the same people and event as the last post except that I’ll be using a Diurnal chart.  Diurnal charts are also cyclic charts.  The prior post utilized a Progressed Daily Angles chart and p.c. Solar Return, charts which often depend upon only a single or a very few angular planets to tell a story about an event.

Diurnal charts have that same trait; often showing only a few factors to tell its story of the day.  

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The story of this day is that the entertainment duo of Martin & Lewis, a hugely popular pair in the 1950s and 1960s, was breaking up to go their own way.  Jerry is shown in the upper photo, singer Dean Martin in the photo below. Both were very emotional over this joint decision to go their separate ways and explore new possibilities.  But, let me return to diurnal charts.  Diurnal charts utilize the birth time and the current date to produce a ‘transit’ chart which can be compared to the natal chart — the current transit chart has a ‘degree-for-a-day’ advancement of the natal Ascendant.  On one’s birthday, using the birth time, a transit-chart will offer the same Ascendant sign-degree as the natal chart.  Calling up a new transit chart for another day, using the same birth time, will result in a chart with an Ascendant that has been advanced at the same rate as the Sun’s advance since the birthday.  This advancing degree of the Ascendant is the key factor in interpreting these charts.  In effect, this is an ‘Ascendant’ cycle chart.  Let us look at Jerry Lewis’ Diurnal transit chart for this date.


This chart has it location set for Jerry’s birth at Newak, NJ which is very close to the New York City location for his last performances with Dean Martin.







The first first factor that we look for in these diurnal charts is the location of the transiting Ascendant; here at 17 Libra.  Note that if the daily Ascendant advances, the natal Ascendant has to rise clockwise in the chart.  Here, the slow moving fall signs are rising so the n/Ascendant has only reached a ‘near the MC’ point in the chart.  In fact the t/Asc. has no planet contacts but only exactly aspects the n/Asc. How might we interpret that?  “The actions that we are experiencing (t/Asc.) are in conflict (the square) with the actions (n/Asc.) we have taken in the past relative to our status and public image (t/MC).”

Since we have found a significant contact involving the t/MC, we can play astrological hopscotch and jump over to look at the n/MC.  (I love this jumping game because the symbolism linking natal and transiting versions of the planet or angle adds so much to the astrological understanding of the event).  t/Saturn, n/MC (along with n/Sun and n/Uranus) are in the sixth house of work, effort and adjustment.  Jerry’s career (n/MC) is being constrained and reshaped (t/Saturn).  This experience will affect his direction and purpose in life (n/Sun) and his zany-spontaneous character (n/Uranus).  In the years following this Saturn transit, Jerry turned from a comedy focus to a public service focus, hosting weekend-long television rally’s, called telethons, to raise money for medical payments to cover the cost of treatment for children with Muscular Distrophy.  He received the enthusiastic support of the entire entertainment industry.

We might choose to look at the t/Sun since its rate of advance governs the advance of the dirunal Ascendant and it’s natal version (n/Sun) is part of the grouping affected by t/Saturn).  t/Sun is in the 10th house of career, squares n/Moon.  Lewis’ impact (the square aspect) on his public following (n/Moon) has activated a lot of emotion.  If we again play astrological hopscotch over to t/Moon we find t/Moon squaring n/Venus and n/Jupiter.  This day’s public response (t/Moon) has stirred up a great deal of love and support (n/Venus, n/Jupiter).  I note that t/Jupiter conjoins n/Asc. near the daily MC angle.  A huge fan-base has turned out to support these last three shows of the team before the public. 

Because I have found the Part of Fortune to be a significant player in Moon-to-Sun Returns, I have left its symbol in this chart.  I note that it conjoins (having a six degree orb due to its daily movement) n/Mars.  I want to make a special comment on Mars.

Mars is prominent in the charts of many entertainers and people who do not have lives involving anger, hurt or antagonistic character traits.  They do have the qualities of ‘presence’ in the midst of others, seeming to be well listened to, shaping conversation and the social flow around them.  As modern society evolves, our perception of how planets express themselves also has to evolve.

Another factor that I would like to comment upon is the imprint of the natal chart.  In this natal chart of Jerry Lewis we find several patterns.  MC, Uranus, Sun.  Plus we find Pluto, Asc. and N.Node.  And, Venus and Jupiter.   These patterns can be considered as ‘cosmic triggers’ in terms of cyclic charting.  Whenever they are activated in a cyclic chart they become magnified in terms of interpretation.   Many of us have strong patterns in our natal charts that can be triggered by angular placement in a cyclic chart or by contact by a transiting planet.  This is the function behind “astrological hopscotch.”  This is why this game I play, interpretively, works so well and is so meaningful.

To those who use Diurnal charts and follow the generally-agreed-upon rules of Diurnal interpretation I offer my apologies for not following those long-accepted rules.  Cyclic charting changes my perspective on how to use charts.  It has led me away from the use of signs, as one example. It has changed my view about complexity in charts and re-focused me on simplicity in charts.  Cyclic charting can make astrological life simpler for you as well.  Dave






















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