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A Lost Posting

Before leaving for a short vacation I created a post, saved it as a draft and set it to be released on Thursday.  Nothing happened.  And, I can’t find the draft.  I’ll put a new version of the lost draft … Continue reading

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Bonnie & Clyde; Trading Bullets In Iowa

      We are revisiting our astrological review of that famous 1930’s era American gangster gun-toting, car-driving duo, Bonnie & Clyde.  In prior posts it was noted that they seemed feckless, uncaring of the trouble they caused others during … Continue reading

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Health Care Fiasco & Autumn Leaves Become A Winter Surprise

One could hear the sniping of the detractors and opponents of the Affordable Health Care Act—the verbal bullets shredding the autumn leaves of Washington, D.C. that late October and November of 2013.  Reports of software fixes and better test results … Continue reading

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Additions To The President’s Geek Squad

In our last post, covering Oct. 22, 2013, the Internet Sign-up system for enrolling in the Affordable Health Care Act had been explored, had some modification, and was being readied for a series of initial changes to make it partially … Continue reading

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Obama’s Own “Geek Squad” To The Rescue. Trumpets, Trumpets

We are at Oct 22nd, 2013.  The Internet access to the Affordable Health Care sign-up functions are not working well.  With the end of the Government Shut Down of 2013, engineered by the rival political party, that party turned its … Continue reading

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The Eye of Mordor Swings To The Health Care Internet Site

On October 17, 2013, The Eye of Mordor swung from the Closure of the Government to the hapless state of the Affordable Health Care Act’s broke Internet Access Site.  The Lord of the Spin Crafters, Press Spokes-man Jay Carney was … Continue reading

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Obama’s Health Care Act: The Failed Internet Sign-up Introduction

The United States signed into law a Health Care Act on March 23, 2010.  Two years later the Act was upheld as constitutional by the Supreme Court.  Continuous challenges in one form or another by the Republican party have not … Continue reading

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