Obama’s Health Care Act: The Failed Internet Sign-up Introduction

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The United States signed into law a Health Care Act on March 23, 2010.  Two years later the Act was upheld as constitutional by the Supreme Court.  Continuous challenges in one form or another by the Republican party have not prevented this program from moving forward as it made progressive steps toward being more fully implemented.  On Oct. 1, 2013 the Health Care Act was to be available on the Internet for public sign-up.  Many of the individual states were introducing their own Internet sign-up sites.  The result of this long-planned introduction was almost total failure!

In this post I will be experimenting with a new form of “Return” chart; the transiting Moon to natal Mercury Return chart.  In order to explain this, if I can, you need to know I was reading an older Time magazine in the doctor’s office, Code Red by Steven Brill, March 19th, 2014 issue.  This article covered the White House scramble behind the public posturing as a hastily formed emergency rescue team was assembled and worked to fix this public-relations disaster.

As I read this article the nature of the public response and frantic reactions of the White House suggested that this was very much a “Moon event.”  Yet, the problem centered around the performance of computers, the internet, the planning, and the total lack of concise communication between the many parties to this public-relations disaster suggested a “Mercury event.”  The idea of a Moon-and-Mercury chart was the result of my twisted thinking.  What would a Moon-Mercury chart tell us, what is its context? 

t/Moon-to-n/Mercury :  (using Ebertin’s Combination of Stellar Influences as a guide) we might see this symbolism as “thinking is influenced by feeling and perceptions.  An exchange of thoughts with the public.  Mental stimuli.  Exposure to criticism.”

This all sounded appropriate.  Each of the chart’s planets and placements would need to be nuanced to fit this set of statements and would also have to reflect the public record of events and dates provided by the Time’s article.  Let us explore these charts.


t/Moon-n/Mercury Return chart for Sept. 20, 2013, Washington, D.C.

The Affordable Care Act was signed on March 23, 2010 at 11:59 AM by President Obama.

t/Moon-n/Mercury is on the 6th house cusp of the chart.





t/Moon-conjoins-n/Mercury at the 6th house cusp.  t/Moon represents the public, the use of computers, access through the Internet, filling out forms (an exchange of data) and making a contract.  The 6th house has association with personal health, with making adjustments, and learning new skills.  This seems appropriate.  The presence of  t/Uranus with the t/Moon-n/Mercury promises great excitement and challenges.

t/Saturn, t/N.Node, t/Venus at the Ascendant.  Using basic terms, Saturn brings constraints and difficulty to the process of “signing up.”  North Node is the process of making contact and reaching out.  Venus can represent the public liking of this concept of having access to what they desired.  The Ascendant represents the actions of the day.  This can be summarized:  The act of accessing what is desired is constrained and limited.

t/Mars at the MC.  The urge to act in one’s own interests.  Excitement.  People in leading positions, failures caused through wrong arrangements or instructions or through premature action (direct from Ebertin’s COSI).

This is what this t/Moon-to-n/Mercury Return chart indicated.  Let us now look at the Advanced chart for Oct. 1, 2013.


The Return chart has been advanced 11 days to Oct. 1st.

This was the day that the public had access through the Internet to sign up for affordable health care.  This had been promoted by the Government for many months.





t/Moon, t/Mars at the MC, opposing the signing-Neptune at the IC.  The public’s actions and intent were challenged by the vision and hopes of the Health Care Act.  If we play astrological hopscotch and bounce over to n/Moon, n/Asc in the 8th we might conclude that the public investment and shared expectations with the Government would be subjected to t/Sun: The execution of this program on this day was upsetting and did not bring satisfaction.

t/Uranus remains with n/Mercury and (playing astrological hopscotch) t/Mercury squares signing/Mars.  The passing and signing of the Affordable Health Care Act was the culmination of a battle in Congress that most would say couldn’t have ever been won by the President.  In fact, the signing of this Act was only the opening salvo in a long and still being-waged political war.  The failure of the Internet-Access-Face of the program on this date would be a weapon in that war.

So, we have found these charts to have highly appropriate symbolism.  The first test of this new Return chart concept passes quite easily the test of astrological relevance.  More testing will be required.  The Times article takes us through a series of events all packed into a few months time — and a few Return charts. We will pursue this exploratory adventure in following posts.  Please comment on this concept and “like” this post so that I may judge your interest in breaking into new territory.  Dave

































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