The Eye of Mordor Swings To The Health Care Internet Site

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On October 17, 2013, The Eye of Mordor swung from the Closure of the Government to the hapless state of the Affordable Health Care Act’s broke Internet Access Site.  The Lord of the Spin Crafters, Press Spokes-man Jay Carney was in the spotlight of Mordor’s evil eye.  In the previous weeks that baleful eye had been upon the House Republicans and Speaker John Boehner and the government’s shutdown of services in a failed attempt to wring concessions of Obama’s White House.  That didn’t work.  They caved . . . and the Public’s Eye of Mordor put Obama and his faithful companion Biden into the cauldron.  (Sorry for the Lord of the Rings allusions, but it really had to be a miserable time in the White House.  Let’s look at the chart for this date.


Oct. 17, 2013.  This date the White House discovered that instead of an operational website they had a pile of crap on their hands and no answers that made sense.

Should the site be scrapped?  Who should be fired? Could the site be fixed?  Who could fix it — who broke it?  “When in danger, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.”

In the weeks since the October 1, 2013 much-touted roll out of the Federal Internet Access site for the Affordable Health Care Act it was plain to see that the site was not able to process sign-ups for insurance.  The President demanded answers, rush meetings were held, nobody knew anything that wasn’t contradicted by facts or the opinions of others.  Obama was reported to have gone ballistic over the mess that unfolded before him.  White house Chief of Staff, Dennis McDonough, went to Baltimore (just up the street, so to speak) to find answers and CMS (web site developers) to find answers.  He found three war rooms set up to handle the emergency situation.  Three war rooms.  That was the first clue that total disorganization was the name of the game.  Let’s examine the chart.

t/Moon-to-n/Mercury occurs in the 12 th house of chaos and hidden things!  The mood of the day (t/Moon) couldn’t find information (n/Mercury) about the site’s functionality and structure.  This pattern was squaring t/Pluto, manager of the “now you see it, now you don’t” process of showing the kidnapping power/understanding as part of his mythic reputation.

t/N.Node was on the Descendant angle; associations or linkages between people who knew what was wrong were being sought out.  n/N.Node at the MC suggests that known associates were being sought out to help deal with the public problem and status of the Internet Access Site.  t/Mars opposite /Neptune;  Uncovering deceit, engaging in a fantasy, hurt by slander, acting behind the scenes.  If we jump from t/Mars to n/Mars we find n/Mars square the Ascendant; efforts made are ineffective or deflected.

Perhaps t/Sun-t/PoF in the 6th house represents the President beset by “chance and change” and unable to reach across to his natural appeal to others (signing’s Venus, 12th).

So, we have a picture of just what is going on at this point in time when the public eye swings from the shut-down over to the big shut-out situation.

With McDonough’s report back to Obama, emergency steps were put into motion.  Those geeks (computer whiz’s) behind the Obama Campaign Database and Tracking systems were activated.  Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget Zients was brought into the emergency team.  Google’s site-reliability manager, Mikey Dickerson was called into action.  Gabriel Burt, Chief Technology Officer of Civis Analytics came to help. In the few days that followed, not all of these people led the battle to save the Internet Access Site, but they assembled a high-profile team of doer’s that could.  Lets look at the next day’s chart for Oct. 18, 2013 to see what had changed in just a few hours.


An Advanced chart for Oct. 18th, 2013 and the assembly of a team that would put into place a super-geek squad to save the Internet Access Site and the President’s political butt.







When a President gets personally and deeply involved, things happen.  In this chart we find these changes from the day before.  t/Moon now opposes t/Sun; a reaction to decisions causes a movement to restoring balance (in this case, control).  t/Jupiter is precisely on the IC angle; a fortunate series of new starts and resources happens.  t/Part of Fortune is on the Desc.; I’m not sure of the role of the Part of Fortune in a Moon-Mercury chart.  I note that t/Mercury trines t/Jupiter.  Because this is a Moon-Mercury chart and because t/Jupiter is on the IC angle, t/Mercury-trine-t/Jupiter may indicate that adequate or better-than-adequate resources will be found.

Perhaps the most significant chart pattern is n/N.Node at the MC and t/N.Node at the Descendant; doubled up nodes at the angles relates to the scramble to make new associations and find the people needed to solve this national crises.

In the coming days, as the initial team gave way to the super-team, things started happening fast.  Each new team member knew and found others to help.  I’ll go into that detail and related charts in the next posting.  Dave.



























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