Lunar Returns — Part 3, Three Differing Views

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I used to swear by Lunar Returns — decades ago. Then, other things occupied my attention and other charting methodologies came into my life.  Now I have less regard for Lunar Returns.  The t/Moon-to-n/Moon Return turns our focus to “feelings about change.”  

I have found that “feelings about change” is not sufficient for me these days.  I’m looking for a “portrayal of everyday life.”  So, in this post I’ll look at our series of posting on Lunar Returns and the date of June 11, 2014.  On this day I had made an appointment with the VA (Veterans Administration) to have my sight and hearing checked.  Some surprises emerged.  I’ll present three charts for this date for comparison. 















The above chart is diurnally advanced from the June 4, 2014 Lunar Return chart.  What are we looking for terms of sight and sound.  Rex Bills book on Rulerships offers: Uranus for hearing aids, Saturn and Mercury for Hearing Sense, Saturn for Hearing organs, Mercury (Moon, Sun, Aquarius) for sense of sight, Aries-first-house-Sun for eyes in general, left eye equates to Moon, eyesight in general to Mercury. 

n/Mars is near the MC.  n/Uranus is near the Desc.  t/Pof is near the S.Node.  Not much symbolism about sight and sound found with these planets, but t/Moon squares n/Moon, opposing t/Neptune — this is highly appropriate for a clouded lens which will be replaced this summer. These three planets are in angular houses but not near the angles.  t/Mercury at the Desc. angle and inconjunct t/Moon might be seen as represent the steps of diagnosis and planning of the skills and procedures needed to restore full sight in my eye.  All in all, this chart doesn’t seem to tell me a clear story.

Dave LR 6-11-2014 Nicewander B











This chart is the June 4th Lunar Return progressed according to the Robert Nicewander method.  Please not the following partial replication of a RIYAL screen showing the progression data for dates between successive Lunar Returns.

Replication of a portion of RIYAL’s Nicewander Progressions
Prog’d date              Moon      MC         Asc.         RAMC

11 Jun 2014    0h      5Vi44    4Sa13     14Aq33     243.37
11 Jun 2014    2h      5Vi47     5Sa20    16Aq17     244.56
11 Jun 2014    4h      5Vi49     6Sa28    18Aq03    245.75
11 Jun 2014    6h      5Vi51     7Sa35     19Aq51     246.95
11 Jun 2014    8h      5Vi54     8Sa43    21Aq41     248.15
11 Jun 2014   10h     5Vi56     9Sa51     23Aq33    249.36 Moo=250.3 dL
11 Jun 2014 12h    5Vi59  10Sa59  25Aq28  250.57
11 Jun 2014    14h    6Vi01     12Sa07    27Aq24    251.79
11 Jun 2014    16h    6Vi03     13Sa16    29Aq23    253.02

The dates between successive Lunar Returns are divided into two-hour increments, amounting to about one degree of Moon movement.  On can use the date to create a chart, then rotate that chart to get the desired angles.  Or one can convert the RMAC to ST and create a chart within RIYAL using the comparison feature (menu choice) for the natal chart and above chart data.  I choose the 12 hour point as that was about the time of the eye diagnosis.

My n/Saturn, n/Neptune are on the vertical axis.  t/Sun squares the n/Neptune-n/Sun midpoint — a pattern that I could accept as indicating a problem with the clouding of a eye’s lens.  t/Mercury at the n/Asc., sextile n/Moon involves the Moon-Mercury symbolism note earlier, but this is not something that I would “see” in this chart and say, “Oh, an eye problem.”

Now, we’ll look at a Moon-to-Sun Return chart, advanced to this date.














The above chart is a precession-corrected t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return chart that has been advanced to June 11, 2014.  We immediately note that this chart is similar to the Nicewander progressed Lunar Return in that n/Sun, n/Neptune are at the IC angle, n/Saturn at the MC, and t/Mercury at n/Asc.  t/Pluto is closer to the Desc. angle in this chart.  

t/PoF activates the natal T-square; Sun/Neptune opp. Saturn square Jupiter.  The Part of Fortune is a featured part of Moon-to-Sun Returns, and it signifies “change and chance” in the chart.  As the driving pattern of the chart, this signifies decision making.  Note that t/Sun enters into this T-square, and forms the Sun-square-Sun pattern noted earlier — located in the institutional twelfth house (the VA Hospital where the tests were conducted). Now, this was true in the Nicewander Progressed chart as well but was not noticed because of my not using the PoF in those other charts.  So, one has to decide how that plays into the interpretation: Do the tools we use shape the meaning of the chart or merely reveal what we didn’t see.? Do we need to now compensate for our shortcoming in skills by using helpful tools?

Obviously a trio of charts does not convince us to go one way or another in our chart usage or charting types.  I’ll have to compare the Nicewander progression method with p.c. Moon-to-Sun Returns for other chart-events to explore further how they work.  Your comments on this post are welcome.  Dave

























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