What Do You Mean by Missing — Gone or Gotten?

Bowe photo-1

We have all seen this photo in the past several days — Soldier Bowe Bergdahl.  His birth date can be found, March 28, 1986, his birth place was Sun Valley, Idaho.  No time is available.  Bowe went missing on June 30, 2009 deep in the heart of Afghanistan near the town of Yayha Kheyl, 068E3845, 32N5613.  All of this data can be found on the Internet.  When I have un-timed charts my choice is to use the t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return and Daily charts.  These use a “noon” birth time.  However, the ratio of the Moon’s daily rate of advance to the slower Sun’s daily rate of advance (a 13:1 ratio) yields a Return MC that is within several degrees of accuracy.  If the Sun is within a half-degree of the actual birth position — for a Noon birth — the transiting Moon will cover that half-degree arc in one hour of time.  The MC can only move plus/minus 7.5 degrees in that time.  Accordingly these Moon-to-Sun Returns can be quite useful.

The chart below is cast for June 29, 2009 and is a t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return from the 10th to the 4th house.  The Theme for this Return and house positions (using my notes) in part is:  One’s . . . personal values are open for assessment . . . Support (for those values) relates from another . . . close to you.  (There is a) conflict in resources or efforts to resolve (these values).  How to balance public and private lives.  Life changes in fundamental terms.  This theme is built upon the oppositional pattern between the Moon in the 10th (wanting acknowledgement for what one feels strongly about) and Sun in the 4th (holding strong to one’s principles).  It is reported the Bergdahl was conflicted over the way the Army was being used and the statements and claims that were used to describe the ineffective practices being undertaken.  He was identifying with the people of Afganistan by projecting his beliefs and values upon them. 


t/Sun squares t/Moon and n/Sun.  This neatly sums up the strong conflicts within him, and illustrates the pull between his mission and his intent to stick to his own inner conscience.  (This is not good for a soldier, but it is reasonable for an ethical person).  t/PoF squares the Return Ascendant (I will not use the natal angles because they are a bit “fuzzy”); What Bergdahl will do is highly risky.  t/Saturn conjoins the MC and opposes n/Mercury; His strategy to protest what he sees as not being right has to deal with the long-held thoughts of what his duty and responsibilities are.

The day Bergdahl decided to act on his thoughts came one day after the Return chart, on June 30, 2009.  The Advanced or Daily chart is shown below.



In this chart (above) t/Saturn is precisely on the MC angle; His strategy will be the goal that he carries out.  t/PoF is precisely on the IC angle; This strategy is very risky. Other timing factors in these Return and Daily charts (other than angles being contacted and the Part of Fortune) are the t/Moon and t/Sun.  t/Sun still squares n/Sun as in the Return chart of the previous day.  t/Moon opposes n/Venus; There is a strong emotional tug over what Bergdahl sees as his values.  The combination of believing that the war is poorly conducted and is being presented to the world as something it isn’t, and his identification with the Afgan people has resulted in his values being contorted in terms of how he assesses them.  So, he left his unit, took a walk, and found himself in a “reality check.”  A captured soldier is a captured soldier.  Who cares what thoughts are in his head.

In my next post I’ll look at his release date.  Dave.



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