Bergdahl’s Release: A Simple Act, A Complex Situation

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At the end of May, 2014 an American soldier, Bowe Bergdahl, was released after several years capacity.  The event occurred in harsh, open, rolling land in near Yahya Kheyl, Patick Province, Afganistan — 068E41, 32N56.  We have no given birth time for Bowe Bergdahl so a noon chart will be used.  Noon charts for Moon-to-Sun Returns are highly useful, more-so than when used with other charts!  The ratio of motion for the Moon to the Sun is 13:1.  A noon chart puts us within half-a-degree of the Sun’s birth position.  The moon covers a 1/2 degree of arc-space in one hour.  One hour equates to 15 degrees of MC movement.  Ergo, our Moon-to-Sun Return (noon-based) is accurate within 15 degrees, most likely within 8 degrees.  You can read such a chart with much confidence.

May 24, 2014 at 10:56:46 AM in Afganistan marks the t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return chart (8th house position).


This chart, and especially the event-date chart, are complex.  The situation was simple; an exchange of prisoners.  The situation was not simple, actually.  First, t/Moon-to-n/Sun in the 8th house has a theme;  “The flow or management of . . . interests. Being closely involved in the lives and interests of others.  Investigation and making decisions on behalf of others. Critical decision on behalf of the public.  A shared endeavor or project.”  The negotiations which led to this exchange were conducted by Qatar, acting as an intermediary to sort out the demands and conditions of each side.  The President of the United States had to act in order to same this one soldier held captive. The theme’s conditions are evident.

t/Moon-to-n/Sun is opposed by t/Mars; Values of each side have to be argued out in order for Bergdahl to have a chance in re-balancing his life.  The basis of the conditions were both idealistic and sensitive (t/Mars square n/Neptune).  Bergdahl’s self-interests, (t/Sun) squares t/Neptune; This double-ups the Neptune, highlighting the confusion, the drama, the ideas that each side had.  Our always-dependable t/PoF opposes n/Mars; Others argue against your interests and yourself.  Now, Mars is a doubled-up planet.  t/Sun approaches its square to t/Neptune — making Neptune a Tripled-up planet.  Finally, t/Saturn opposes the MC; a strategy or plan is required to bring the situation to a new starting point.

So, the patterns define the situation that is about to develop.  Our next chart is for the day of Bergdahl’s release.



This chart for Bergdahl’s release in quite complex.  t/Sun opposes n/Saturn in the 4th and squares t/Neptune.  (I have a similar pattern nataly)  This pattern can be a “bridge between realtity and un-reality — captivity and freedom.  t/PoF conjoins n/MC, squares n/Mars; His personal goals are about to change, but achieving that change will be a challenge.  (There is extensive controversy over the manner of his being captured off-base and his dissatisfaction with government policies and the Army’s role in Afghanistan).  t/Mars still opposes n/Sun, squares t/Moon, squares n/Neptune; What a tangle of twine this is.  Mars-Sun-Moon-Neptune suggests a highly challenging moment when identity and feelings are both intense and confused. This is/was the case, as it takes several weeks to integrate prisoners back into their military and social life after years of captivity. 

These charts are worth some study if one digs into the on-going story of Bowe Bergdahl and the behind the scenes efforts to achieve his release.  Every aspect of the overall story can be found in the chart’s symbols. 



























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