Now He Has Really Gone and Done It

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John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives, U.S. Congress has today announced that he is bringing a lawsuit against the President of the U.S. for breaking the law.  This is the first time that this action has been announced or initiated.  President Obama has done what George Bush did with the Iraq war, Obama has extended his powers in the face of a congress that refuses to do anything on domestic issues.  The press reports that this appears to be a ploy to win support from the more right-wing “Tea Party” Republicans so as to keep the highly fractured party together.

Several weeks ago I rectified Boehner’s chart based on an interview he gave, stating about his family and his childhood, “I was always the dark one.  I don’t indulge in tanning beds or skin coloring, I’m just darker than the others in my family.”  (This is as I remember what he said).  It occurred to me that Saturn was likely on his Ascendant, a common placement for those who seem dark and dour.  In any case, I have used that chart as a basis for using Moon-to-Sun Returns to explore his lawsuit announcement.


This is a t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun, along the IC-MC axis (4th to 10th house); having a theme of, “Difficulty with plans relating to . . . jointly held resources.  Public image is affected by stated plans.  . . . Private anxiety and public life clash.  A renewal of something essential to one’s well-being.  Doing the unexpected.”  Throwing the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party some red meat to chew on, and to insulate himself from criticism about not being conservative enough is thought to be behind this political maneuver.  t/PoF opposes t/Sun (across sign-lines, but within orb of its daily motion);  Taking chances to contest another’s control or interests.  This same t/PoF also squares his n/Asc. and opposes t/Mercury; His actions pose a risk for his own political stance and the words that define his thoughts.  He will have to live with the results of these statements, and so will his party.  t/Pluto conjoining n/Venus, 12th, can be seen as an upheaval in his values for secret/behind-the-scenes reasons.

Let us look at the advanced chart for today’s announcement, June 25, 2014.


Advanced to today, June 25, 2014, this chart’s MC is moving onward from the n/Sun, indicating that the conversation and issues will need to be widely spread and talked about (note nearby n/Mercury).  The IC is approaching t/Venus; in the coming days basic values of what has been started will be examined, the desires behind them speculated upon. (The IC will chase t/Venus).  t/Moon conjoins Boehner’s n/MC angle, the public will respond to this issue, but how?  It is interesting to note t/PoF contacting the opposing n/Jupiter and t/Jupiter in the 12th-6th house axis.  This strongly suggests a contest between what Boehner wants for himself and for his political allies.  He has to make a choice, he won’t be able to stay on the fence.  Yet, t/Sun conjoining n/Uranus is a feel-good-today type of pattern.  He will enjoy being a rebel, but the Sun always moves on and contacts something else — in this case, t/Sun will oppose t/Pluto-n/Venus in another week or so.  We can look forward to some major shifts in this abruptly announced plan to sue the President for unlawful acts.  Dave














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